China, Others Create RCEP With GDP Of $26 Trillion

China has just inked a free trade deal with 15 economies in the Asia Pacific region. The deal is called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership- RCEP.

It creates a new free trade area with 2.2 billion people. That’s about 30% of the world’s population.

The combined GDP of the RCEP is estimated at $26 trillion. That is almost 28% of global trade if calculated using 2019 figures.

One noteworthy development is that US allies Japan and South Korea are a part of it. Australia and New Zealand are also in on the deal.

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Brain-eating Organism Invades US City’s Water Supply

Residents of Lake Jackson, a city in Texas, US have been warned against using tap water after a deadly brain-eating microorganism was found in the city’s public water supply.

They have been warned to use water from their taps only to flush their toilets, and certainly not to drink.

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Update: We are getting reports of a flesh-eating organism infecting people outside Lake Jackson. The case we learnt of had constipation, couldn’t walk and headache. But thankfully, hospital treatment saved them. People, please stay safe.


Germany has taken over the EU rotating presidency for the next 6 months. This comes at a time when there is widespread feeling that the US is stepping away from global leadership.

Analysts point to the US withdrawal from ‘compulsory commitment’ to international treaties and norms under President Donald Trump-who sees the United States as its own continent. The global Covid-19 pandemic is also an existential issue at this point.

It is in this backdrop that Shada Islam, a Brussels-based commentator on EU affairs and CEO of New Horizons project, a strategy, analysis and advisory company has called on Germany to take up leadership in all the areas the US is stepping away from.

She also provides a strategic plan of action. In it she lists 4 points of action which she argues will give Germany new leadership-in EU and the world.

For instance she said;

Third, Europe must re-imagine its outdated relationship with Africa, learn from past mistakes and finally give up old-fashioned Eurocentric and paternalistic views of Africa as a junior partner needing Europe’s guidance.

New EU efforts to build “a partnership of equals” with African states will fall flat unless backed up by investment, support for the African Continental Free Trade Area and stronger ties between European and African local and regional authorities, business leaders, civil society, female groups, young professionals and students.

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US Pandemic Vs Tornado Dilema: Staying Home Vs Moving To Storm Shelter

There have been severe storms in the US south. Tornadoes over 100 of them stormed several US states. Weather patterns show those tornadoes may be coming back. It’s beginning to look ike weekly visitation.

So, the dilemma is, if a tornado is about to strike in a pandemic, do you socially isolate in your home or do you go to a storm shelter?

Lockdown: Ben Bruce Says He Wants To Return To Nigeria From US (Photo)

Ben Bruce has announced that he is currently in the United States but he misses Nigeria and wants to return. He also shared a lockdown photo.

The commonsense Senator, who recently shared a video of himself firing gunshots in a shooting range in his farm wrote (tweet loading…) :

Oga, we pray that the coronavirus is defeated sooner than later. So that lockdowns can be relaxed and you can come back. Nigeria needs both ruling party and opposition party efforts to fight of the enormous problems facing our country, including unemployment, insecurity and corruption.