US Pandemic Vs Tornado Dilema: Staying Home Vs Moving To Storm Shelter

There have been severe storms in the US south. Tornadoes over 100 of them stormed several US states. Weather patterns show those tornadoes may be coming back. It’s beginning to look ike weekly visitation.

So, the dilemma is, if a tornado is about to strike in a pandemic, do you socially isolate in your home or do you go to a storm shelter?


Lockdown: Ben Bruce Says He Wants To Return To Nigeria From US (Photo)

Ben Bruce has announced that he is currently in the United States but he misses Nigeria and wants to return. He also shared a lockdown photo.

The commonsense Senator, who recently shared a video of himself firing gunshots in a shooting range in his farm wrote (tweet loading…) :

Oga, we pray that the coronavirus is defeated sooner than later. So that lockdowns can be relaxed and you can come back. Nigeria needs both ruling party and opposition party efforts to fight of the enormous problems facing our country, including unemployment, insecurity and corruption.


Biden Leads Trump In Latest Polls

Latest polls show Jo Biden leading Trump in the latest national polls.

The gap is widening. But Hillary Clinton was leading Trump by wide gaps. The US elections are getting more exciting by the day.


US Coronavirus deaths could reach peak in 3 weeks, CDC linked expert says

According to an epidemiologist, by 3 weeks time coronavirus-related deaths in the US would have reached their highest point and start coming down.

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BBC Article Calls Mike Pence’s Style ‘Pyongyang-on-the-Potomac’

In the realm of power, Pyongyang signifies absolute reference to the Supreme Leader.

But the Potomac signifies practiced and institutionally encouraged irreverence to supreme leadership.

It signifies a place where leadership must strive to triumph in spite of opposition, not in its absence.

In this article, the writer takes a look at how he feels Trump and members of his administration have handled the coronavirus outbreak in the US.

The article makes some statements on President Trump’s approach to the virus as a metaphor for today’s Washington politics…