Trump Planning For 2024

In case you think Trump is tired of politics, think again. He is already planning something big for 2024. He is forging the agenda of Republican politicians in bringing in laws aimed at ‘making 2024 different from 2020’.

Trump thanked GOP State Sen. Paul Bettencourt for filing an election review bill he prefers in the Senate and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a Republican who presides over the Senate, for sending the bill to a key Senate committee.

“Everyone feels certain Governor Abbott will follow suit,” Trump added. “This will have a big impact on the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections in Texas.”

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Top GOP leaders still listen to Trump. And he’s got eyes on 2024. Where does this leave Jeb Bush?

Video: Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Makes Case For More Women In Politics

This 5-minute video makes a case for more women to be in politics, because women bring in some special qualities to leadership.

For instance, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf became the first president of Liberia to handover power peacefully since the 1940s!

Before then, development in the country since the 1940s have been stunted by periodic destruction from civil war.

Now, by peacefully handing over to George Weah, she has created a precedent. Watch and tell me your thoughts on the views expressed in the video. Cheers.

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Similarities Between Presidents Abraham Lincoln And Joe Biden

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Like Lincoln, Like Biden

US presidents are a colorful bunch. You have George Washington who wanted to be called His Mightiness but chose to serve for only 1 term. You have Calvin Coolidge (Silent Cal) who was known to be so silent, that when a lady challenged him that it was impossible for him to say less than 3 words at a dinner, his two-word response was simply, ‘you lose’ (lol). Of course, you have the one and only Donald Trump, a businessman who brought great color to the office of the President of the United States, who was such a ‘bad boy’ he had to be impeached twice.

But in terms of endurance of a certain sorrow, none beats like President Abraham Lincoln, and now President Joe Biden.

Poverty, Struggles, Hardship

Like Lincoln, Biden grew up in poverty. Lincoln did so many odd jobs including hewing wood. Lincoln wasn’t born with a silver spoon like John F. Kennedy, the Roosevelts or Donald Trump. He was a laborer who used to hew wood with an ax for 31 cents and hour. His dad was a carpenter, and no, his mum didn’t inherit a farthing from distant rich relative. On Biden’s part, even though his dad saw some money early on, he soon lost it, and senior Biden became so poor, he had to ship Joe to go stay with grandpa and grandma.

History credits Lincoln’s character a lot to his mum, who infused in him a certain morality. In Biden’s case his mum also helped shape him into the man he became. Even though he had a stammer, she encouraged him to get over it, and not to let it define who he was.

Like Lincoln, Biden had to overcome lot’s of challenges in his speech-making. Dale Carnegie says even when Lincoln became the kind of orator that gave the Gettysburg address, there was always a certain oddness at the beginnings of his speeches. His delivery was described as wooden, lacking a certain liveliness. But Lincoln would summon energy and enter his message with energy, and win the day. In the case of Biden, vestiges of his former stutter show up from time to time. But Biden finds a way to consign that to the background. Biden recalls having to stand in front of the mirror when he was younger to practice away the stammer that caused him a lot of humiliation at his younger age. Now he tells people with stutters that they shouldn’t allow it define them.

Early Tragedy

Lincoln met Ann Rutledge and fell deeply in love with her. According to historical accounts, Lincoln was planning to marry her. But in 1835, a wave of typhoid struck New Salem. That wave killed Miss Rutledge. She was 22 years old. In Biden’s case he lost hos first wife Neilia and his daughter Naomi in a ghastly accident in 1972. And then he lost his son Beau to cancer. One of the saddest things in life is to have to bury one’s children. Biden has done that twice.

Struggle Out Of Poverty Through Law

Lincoln was lucky to one day see an old law book in a pawned-off cup board he had bought. He was too poor to go to law school, but learned that with the knowledge he had gained from the abandoned law book, he could qualify for and practice law. And so, good old Abe became a lawyer in a most unconventional way. For Biden also, law was the career he ventured into in a bid to escape poverty. That was before he like Abe, became a lawmaker.

Several Losses Before Presidential Victory

Lincoln suffered several losses in his political journey, before surprisingly winning the highest political office in the land. Similarly, Biden suffered presidential election defeat severally, before winning at the ripe ‘young age’ of 78. Both presidents came to power at tines when the country was deeply divided over the unfair treatment meted out to Afro Americans. In the case of Lincoln, he worked closely with the Abolitionists to end slavery of Afro Americans. In Biden’s case, he is working closely with the Black Lives Matter movement to root out arbitrary killings of Afro Americans by police.

M-Josh Praises Ojukwu, Nnamdi Kanu In New Music Video “Aburi Accord”

M-Josh’s song Aburi Accord is a political Afro-beat song like Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s songs.

Aburi Accord Music Video

Background To Aburi Accord

The Aburi Accord was an agreement to restructure Nigeria reached between the Nigerian Administration led by Gowon and the later Biafran Administration led by Ojukwu under the good offices of the Government of Ghana. It was after the coups of 1966 and the pogrom.

But the accord was never implemented, leading to the Nigeria-Biafra war.

President Donald Trump’s ‘Most Quotable Quote’

US Presidents have a knack for making quotes that become famous nd memorable – like philosopher-kings. John F. Kennedy told his people: Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather, what you can do for your country.

Below is what I think is Donald Trump’s most quotable quote that could be repeated by historians, journalists, politicians, philosophers and people round the world in years to come.

No nation can long thrive that loses faith in its own values, history, and heroes, for these are the very sources of our unity and our vitality. – President Donald Trump in his farewell message to Americans

President Kennedy made his own quotable quote at his inauguration, not at his farewell. Today Joe Biden will be inaugurated. He might make a most quotable quote at his inaugural speech.

Or like President Abraham Lincoln -with his Gettysburg Address quote on democracy- Biden might make one later in the course of his presidency. As Trump would say, let’s see what happens.

Welcome Biden, 46th President of the United States!