5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Good relationships don’t just happen. I’ve heard many state that, “If I have to work at it, then it’s not the right relationship.” This isn’t true, any more than it’s true that you don’t have to work at keeping fit through exercise, eating to live, or staying hydrated by drinking water.

Here are 7 choices you can make that will add sweetness to your relationship, or save a sinking relationship.


Increasing your self-dependence means that you practice taking responsibility for your own feelings and emotional needs. This means that rather than always depending on your partner to make you feel happy and emotionally secure, you learn how to sometimes create this for yourself through your own thoughts and actions.

Of course, one of the reasons we chose partners is so that they make us feel happy and secure. But we begin to make a mistake when we expect that partner to be perfect. No one can be perfect. People can be excellent, but not perfect. So, learn to create some time for your own goals and hopes. Things you can do for yourself to make you happy.

This should not compete with your time with your partner. Rather, it should complement it and make the relationship stronger in a way that doesn’t set unrealistic expectations for your partner.

For instance, instead of getting angry at your partner for your feelings of abandonment when he or she is busy or giving time/attention to other stuff -instead of yourself- take some time to rekindle that love for drawing you had as a six-year-old. Have some fun with yourself instead. Instead of getting preoccupied because your partner is not listening to you, understand that your partner might not be interested in everything that interests you, and vice versa. Explore your own feelings of abandonment and discover how you might be abandoning yourself.

No one can live perpetually in an emotional island, but learning how to take loving care of yourself is vital to a good relationship.


Treat others how you want them to treat you. If you don’t like being shouted at, try not to shout at others. We all yearn to be treated lovingly – with kindness, compassion, consideration, and acceptance. We need to treat our partner and others the same way. Relationships blossom when both partners treat each other with kindness. While there are no guarantees, treating others with kindness often brings kind considerations to us in return.

We should understand that sometimes our partners really need our support, and the best place we can be is by their side, holding their hand. Holding their hand may be boring compared to watching those hilarious memes on our phones. But sometimes, that’s what we need to do if we want our relationship to blossom. There’s a time for me-time, and there’s a time for others.


When conflicts occur in a relationship, we are often focused on winning. Win that argument, win that apology, e.t.c. But we have another choice: you can use that as an ‘opportunity’ to learn about yourself and your partner and discover the deeper issues of the conflict. A saying goes like this: ‘See everything, overlook a great deal, and act on very little. You can adopt that saying. You don’t need to react to everything.’ Relationship expert Dale Carnegie wrote in his famous book How To Win Friends And Influence People that marriage is not a field for candor but an avenue for diplomacy.

We develop overt and subtle ways of trying to control others into relationships: anger, blame, judgment, niceness, compliance, care taking, resistance, withdrawal of love, explaining, teaching, defending, lying, denying, and so on. I am not here to judge on whether you are justified in the path you take. I only want to urge you to always hold measuring tape, so you don’t irreparably hurt the ones you love. A famous saying says that love doesn’t always go in a bang. Often it seeps away drip by drip, and if that leak is not plugged on time with the plug of understanding, the drips may become an ocean of unnecessary hurts.


Create times to do those things you used to do when you were courting, like going on dates. Yes, marriage may mean you now have many responsibilities. But occasionally do those romantic things you used to do that led to the marriage. Don’t forget your anniversary – to make it special. Valentine’s Day and your birthdays are also days when you could fix up a romantic dinner. You can use those dates to create new loving memories that would nourish your love much later.


Positive energy is created between two people when there is an “attitude of gratitude.” Constant nagging and complaints create negative energy that can choke love. So, no matter how justified you may feel in complaining… don’t overdo it. Practice being content with what you have rather than focusing all the time on what you don’t have.

Create happiness in your home and in your relationship by adopting these 5 choices, and constantly practicing these acts of love. Happiness uplifts the soul, and the soul ranks it higher that many things, including money.

Planning a Kids’ Only Thanksgiving Party? See Some Helpful Tips

Are you going to host a Thanksgiving party this year? If yes, what type of Thanksgiving party do you aim to have? If you are a parent, there is a high chance that your Thanksgiving party may be designed just for children. These types of Thanksgiving parties are called kids’ only Thanksgiving parties.

You might assume that it is relatively easy to host a kids’ only Thanksgiving party. But in reality it can be more complicated. But this guide is here to help you.

You see, pleasing kids can be lot more complicated that pleasing adults. To increase your chances of having a successful party you need to prepare strategically.

Compiling The Guest List

Perhaps, the first thing to consider when planning a kids’ only Thanksgiving party, is the guest list. If your children are still too young, they may not be able to make invitation choices on their own. Teenagers and tweenagers are often better able to make such choices. So, if your child is a toddler or a little bit older, you may have to create the Thanksgiving party guest list all by yourself. A good rule of thumb is to invite children that are around the same age as your own child/children. For instance, you may choose to invite other children that are in your child’s class, or who attend the same daycare, or live in the same neighborhood, or who are related to your child.

Foods, Snacks And Drinks

After you have taken care of the party invites, you will want to start focusing on planning the party proper. You need to make decisions on the food, snacks, and drinks that will be served. Often you may not need to do the cooking for the Thanksgiving dinner for a kids’ only party. This is because snacks could come to the rescue.

But remember that kids can be picky when it comes to their food choices. So it may be wise to have a wide array of snacks and drinks on hand. Very Important: Try your best to make sure that whatever food, snack or drink is served is healthy. Also, these refreshments must be kid friendly. Kids love kiddy stuff.

Party Games

Whether it is a Thanksgiving party, a Christmas party, or a birthday party, kids’ party games can bring a lot of fun. So, you may want to select appropriate games. You can easily find a holiday party game ideas online, with a Google search. Also, you should also be able to buy a number of fun, kid-friendly party games online. You could also search for such in your local department store. Try seeking out the advice of your child and other parents in making your choice.

Make Provision For Parents Who Will Attend

When planning your kids’ only Thanksgiving party, remember it is not just kids that can legitimately attend. Some parents cannot stand being apart from their kids, even for a few hours. Some parents might also leave caregivers to stay around at the party. So make provision for that. So, you might want to have some adult-grade snacks available. You don’t want to be giving candy floss to parents/caregivers who might be trying to cut down on sugar.

Hope this helps.

Why Many Believe Rossetti’s Wife Is ‘Undead’ Today, Though ‘She Died In 1862’

… In great secrecy, on an autumn night in 1869, her coffin was exhumed from its resting place in London’s Highgate Cemetery…

The whole operation was masterminded by Rossetti’s friend and self-appointed agent, Charles Augustus Howell, a flamboyant teller of tales. There were no lights in the graveyard, so a large fire was built.

Howell afterwards told Rossetti that, when the coffin was opened…

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The United States Congress

United States Congress

The United States Congress is the legislative arm of the federal government of the United States of America. It is bicameral. That is; it consists of an upper house and a lower house. The lower house is the House of Representatives. The upper house is the Senate.

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The United States Congress is responsible for making the federal laws of the United States. It passes the federal budget. It can impeach and sack the president of the United States.

Congress also passes non-binding resolutions. Congress passes such resolutions to nudge the federal government into action. The United States Congress is the only body authorized to amend the US constitution. It is the only body that can declare war.

That’s not all. Congress holds legislative hearings on issues of national import. It investigates various government departments and agencies.

By tradition, every year, the president of the United States addresses a joint session of Congress. This special speech is called the State Of The Union address. Various foreign leaders have also been given the honor of addressing joint sessions of the US Congress during visits.

Approving Treaties And Overriding Vetoes

Congress also has the power to ratify or reject treaties signed by the federal government.

For instance, President Woodrow Wilson did so much to get the countries of the world to form the League of Nations at the end of the First World War. But despite that, the US didn’t join the league because Congress refused to ratify the league treaty.

One other important function of Congress is overriding vetoes by the president. Sometimes, Congress approves a bill, but the president refuses to sign it into law.

When the President exercises such powers, he is said to have vetoed a law. However, Congress can override such a veto if it can muster a two-thirds majority in favor of the bill. Normally, bills are passed by just a simple majority.

Generally, the role of Congress is to serve as a check on the powers of the president; and to partner with them in the quest to uphold the interests of the United States.


The United States Congress has a total number of 535 members. That is 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 senators.

In the senate, all 50 states of the US have equal representation. That is 2 senators per state.

But in the House of Representatives, representation is based on the size of each state’s population. A state with a small population won’t have the same number of representatives as more populous states like New York or California.


The Senate is led by the vice president of the United States. The vice president doubles as the senate president. Even though not an elected senator, he has the power to vote if there is tie.

The House of Representatives is led by a speaker. The speaker of the House of Representatives is the second in line to the presidency of the United States. First in line is the vice president. The United States Constitution does not require the speaker to be a member of the House.

Other notable leaders of the Senate are the Senate Majority Leader and the senate president pro-tempore.

Both houses of Congress have several committees. These committees have oversight functions over departments in the federal government. Examples include the powerful Ways and Means committee of the House of Representatives and the Senate Defense Committee.

Division Of Roles

Normally, a bill (proposed law) should be approved by votes of both houses to become law. But sometimes, there are differences. For instance, it is the responsibility of the Senate to confirm cabinet and supreme court nominations made by the president.

Also, in cases of impeachment, the House of Representatives is the only entity that can impeach the president. But after such impeachment, the Senate initiates a trial of the president in which it serves as both judge and jury.

Congressional Caucuses

Members of Congress form different caucuses to promote causes they might be interested in within Congress. A notable caucus is the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Black Caucus is made up of Congressmen (and women) from both houses. Their aim is to promote the civil rights of Blacks in the United States.

In summary, the United States Congress is an entity that essentially entrenches democracy in the United States.

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