Why Many Believe Rossetti’s Wife Is ‘Undead’ Today, Though ‘She Died In 1862’

… In great secrecy, on an autumn night in 1869, her coffin was exhumed from its resting place in London’s Highgate Cemetery… The whole operation was masterminded by Rossetti’s friend and self-appointed agent, Charles Augustus Howell, a flamboyant teller of tales. There were no lights in the graveyard, so a large fire was built. HowellContinue reading “Why Many Believe Rossetti’s Wife Is ‘Undead’ Today, Though ‘She Died In 1862’”

The United States Congress

The United States Congress is the legislative arm of the federal government of the United States of America. It is bicameral. That is; it consists of an upper house and a lower house. The lower house is the House of Representatives. The upper house is the Senate. Read Also: The Native Igbos Of Equatorial GuineaContinue reading “The United States Congress”

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: His Winter Palace

President Trump’s mansion Mar-a-Lago has been called his Southern White House (It’s in Florida). Trump himself has called it his Winter White House, perhaps to be more like the Russian emperors who used to live in winter palaces. Closer to home, Mar-a-Lago is Trump’s equivalent of the Bush dynasty’s Kennebunkport compound and the Kennedy dynasty’sContinue reading “Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: His Winter Palace”