Coronavirus And The High Number Of US Afro American Deaths

US Afro Americans are the Afro Americans of the United States. They are a sub-group of the African American group in that they are the African Americans whose ancestors were victimised in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Genocide.

They are not recent immigrants. They were forced to come. They didn’t decide on their own volition to come. Since their arrival Afro Americans have faced the worst forms of discrimination.

This discrimination continues till this day in many ways. Enough of the history lesson.

The topic for today is about the high number of Afro Americans dying from Coronavirus. News channels like the BBC and CNN have of recent been asking why this is happening.

It is as if there is a particular lack of immunity in Afro Americans for the virus. I encourage the US Government to initiate emergency research to see why this is happening. Once the cause of these deaths is identified, the US Government should nip it in the bud.

Everyone, please stay safe.

Joe Biden Praises Late Prince Philip For Working Till 99 Years

POTUS Joe Biden, has praised the late British Royal Consort, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh for working well into old age. Speaking from the White House, Mr Biden who is himself in his late 70s described the prince as “a heck of a guy”.

“His lifetime of service to the United Kingdom and the whole commonwealth was visible to everybody for a long, long time,” President Biden said.

“I think he’s going to be missed, particularly in the United Kingdom. Ninety-nine years old, he never slowed down at all. Which I admire the devil out of.”

Serious Heat Can Stop You Sweating + What To Do – BBC

So, we were reviewing a BBC article on what happens when the human body is hot, and we saw this section and it struck us (human body stop sweating during a hot sunny day?) We read through and decided to share to you because we see such a condition can be serious. Read excerpt below to see more and possible first aid treatment:

When we say ‘serious’ we mean it. You may think this sounds like a dream, but it can, in fact, be a sign of heat stroke – and needs to be treated as an emergency.

The body’s normal temperature is 37-38C, but if it heats up too much (40-41C), you may find yourself getting heat stroke. At that point, your heat regulatory system can, essentially, pack in, which stops you from sweating, as your body tries to keep water around your vital organs. (*moves to the shade*)

If you suspect that someone is suffering from heat stroke, first call 999. Then you should try to cool them down by applying ice packs to the groin and armpits, where the crucial arteries are located.

Read the whole thing here.

Nairalander Reveals What She Did To Defeat Covid-19 In 1 Week

We saw this story about what a Covid-19 survivor did to cure herself (glory be to God), and we knew you’d definitely be interested (who wouldn’t?)

So read it below:

I took ginger, lemon and honey as a tea in order to boost my immune system to fight the sickness. I also drank lots of water and rested properly at home during that period as well.

I also did steam inhalation with peppermint oil and hot water. My housemates were taking concoction which comprised of ginger, garlic, turmeric, honey, in a bid to boost their immune systems. My housemates and I are way better and feeling good. We have fully recovered since November.