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Despite Opposition From Governments, Facebook Goes Ahead With Libra Cryptocurrency

Despite massive opposition from Western Governments like France and the US Congress, Facebook has announced plans to go ahead with a new version of its planned cryptocurrency the Libra, reports the BBC.

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abh12345 Powers Up To 50,000 SP Despite Uncertainty After Justin Sun’s ‘Moon Move’

A Steemian, abh12345, has powered up to 50k Steem Power despite the uncertainty trailing the acquisition of by Tron’s Justin Sun.

The powering up, which means investing in the Steem blockchain in a a way that stops you from selling it off is seen as a badly needed vote of confidence by many in the Steem community.

It is said that smart investors move against the tide. But has abh12345 made a wise financial decision given the current uncertainties. In his own words, he has either been brave or stupid.

Only time, and Justin Sun ⛅ can tell. To paraphrase abh12345 , he has either found a hidden treasure, or he has just poured his money 💰 into a basket.

Click to see Steemians congratulating him on the move which now makes him a leader of Steem. Let’s hope, let’s believe Steem is not a sinking ship.a

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Trump threatens crippling sanctions against Brexiting UK

See the guns he has pointed at UK

To President Trump, the United States is not just his country, it’s also his continent and his West.

He threatened Turkey over Russia’s S400 missiles. Now he is threatening UK over Huawei.

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The case for Waves smart contract generators for RIDE language novices

Unlike in Ethereum where you now have ERC20 smart contract generators that generate ERC20 contracts at the click of a button, Waves Platform’s non-turing complete smart contract scripts don’t have automatic generators novices can use (in 2020).

You have to learn the new RIDE language willy nilly. If you make a novices mistake when trying to deploy/issue a smart contract script? You could just lose all your assets! That would be very discouraging for crypto beginners.

Why not enable smart contract generators while leaving room for customisation by developers?

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Johor Bahru, Malaysia Burnishes Chinese Heritage, Floats Singapore-like Skyline

Johore Baru, Malaysia, is standing up to be noticed as an international city. Perhaps, it plans to dislodge Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore?

This is why we ask