Coronavirus And The High Number Of US Afro American Deaths

US Afro Americans are the Afro Americans of the United States. They are a sub-group of the African American group in that they are the African Americans whose ancestors were victimised in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Genocide.

They are not recent immigrants. They were forced to come. They didn’t decide on their own volition to come. Since their arrival Afro Americans have faced the worst forms of discrimination.

This discrimination continues till this day in many ways. Enough of the history lesson.

The topic for today is about the high number of Afro Americans dying from Coronavirus. News channels like the BBC and CNN have of recent been asking why this is happening.

It is as if there is a particular lack of immunity in Afro Americans for the virus. I encourage the US Government to initiate emergency research to see why this is happening. Once the cause of these deaths is identified, the US Government should nip it in the bud.

Everyone, please stay safe.

Hiding Of Palliatives By Political Class Caused Coronavirus Second Wave In Nigeria

The biggest cause of the so-called Covid-19 second wave in Nigeria is that the political class didn’t distribute palliatives given to them to distribute.

Some hid palliatives in warehouses while their fellow citizens were starving. If they hadn’t, many daily income earners wouldn’t have felt like going out each day during the lockdown to trade and risk contracting Coronavirus. In fact, lockdown would have been a feast.

When coronavirus doesn’t see people to infect, it dies off. That’s what would have happened if the people were given palliatives to eat at home.

The crime wave that forced the Federal Government to suspend the lockdown would likely not have happened.

So, the refusal of many citizens to wear facemasks, maintain social distancing, etc., is one of the causes of the ‘second wave’. But a bigger cause is the refusal of the political class to share food relief materials to the citizens during the lockdown. This refusal alone caused the ‘hunger virus’ that made the last lockdown a failure.

If there is a second lockdown, I hope palliatives will be fairly distributed and not hidden.

Nigeria roonu.