The Dire Situation In Oyigbo

The situation in Oyigbo, were there is reportedly no access to water, electricity, food and medical care in many homes is a humanitarian emergency.

We call for a restoration to normalcy in that area and immediate access to relief for its residents.

Quick Way To Test If You Have Coronavirus Using Your Phone!

According to medical experts, coronavirus introduces a liquid substance into the lungs that makes people that have it cough if they hold their breath for long. Mind you, people that have ordinary catarrh can also cough if they hold their breath, we are also told.

But we came accross this video below that is like a sort of ‘do-it-yourself’ test, testing if one can hold their breath for a specified period of time. You can take the breath test in the video and see if you pass. But remember: no one can hold their breath for a prolonged period of time without gasping for breath. And as we said, a congested heart can bring the same results. I guess it should better be called a lung-health-check. See the breath test in the video:

Coronavirus: What Would Trump Do Differently?

President Donald Trump’s announcement that his wife and himself have contracted Coronavirus means that Covid-19 has hit both him and another strongman known for belittling the dangers of the airborne virus, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, a.k.a, ‘Trump of the Tropics’.

Like Bolsonaro, Trump never believed in wearing masks.

But after his recovery, we shall see what new policies – if any- he adopts on Coronavirus.

We wish President and Mrs Donald Trump a quick recovery, and felicitate with his rival Joe Biden and wife for escaping Coronavirus.

Watch Trump tell Bob Woodward he wasn’t concerned about contracting Coronavirus

Coronavirus: 1 Million Deaths!

Coronavirus has taken 1 million lives. 1 million lives! Some countries don’t have up to 1 million people. This is sad.

Please, until coronavirus fades away from the world, let us keep taking precautions. Social distancing is must for now.

Wear your facemask or your face-shield. Coronavirus is still there.

Let us not let coronavirus deaths get to 2 million.

Brain-eating Organism Invades US City’s Water Supply

Residents of Lake Jackson, a city in Texas, US have been warned against using tap water after a deadly brain-eating microorganism was found in the city’s public water supply.

They have been warned to use water from their taps only to flush their toilets, and certainly not to drink.

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Update: We are getting reports of a flesh-eating organism infecting people outside Lake Jackson. The case we learnt of had constipation, couldn’t walk and headache. But thankfully, hospital treatment saved them. People, please stay safe.