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Coronavirus: Texas Moves To End Oil War Between Russia And Saudi Arabia

An oil commisioner of Texas, a state in the US has held talks with the Russia’s energy minister to find ways to end the oil war between Russia and OPEC power Saudi Arabia He is also scheduled to speak with the Saudi oil minister on the same issue.

Behaving Like A Country

While Texas is just a state within the US, its initiative has been respected because apart from Saudi Arabia, no other country in OPEC produces more oil than Texas.

Texas is particularly concerned because it faces huge job losses if oil prices continue being low.

Many Texas-based oil companies have fallen into financial difficulty in this coronavirus period as the virus and the oil war, has caused oil prices to crash globally.

Coronavirus is making national players become international actors.

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In The Shadow Of Coronavirus: Are sanctions destroying Zimbabwe’s health sector?

At their worst, public hospitals have had no running water and no pain killers. Doctors say they have sometimes been forced to wash and reuse bandages.

As coronavirus continues its infamous march through the world, here is a special plea for easing of sanctions in Zimbabwe, a country whose economy has been destroyed following Western sanctions.

We also call for an implementation of the Lancaster Agreement by both Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. So that all Zimbabweans, black and white, might have the best chance to live life in a dignified way.

Read more about Zim’s health challenges in the face of coronavirus here.

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Despite Opposition From Governments, Facebook Goes Ahead With Libra Cryptocurrency

Despite massive opposition from Western Governments like France and the US Congress, Facebook has announced plans to go ahead with a new version of its planned cryptocurrency the Libra, reports the BBC.

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Will The Taliban Become Another Sinn Féin?

Sinn Féin has a chance to form the next government of the Republic of Ireland after besting the 2 traditional government-forming parties in the just concluded general election. But it wasn’t always a party known for democratic participation.

Once upon a time there was religious war in Northern Ireland between Catholic Sinn Féin, its military wing the Irish Republican Army, IRA and Protestant militias.

Then came Tony Blair’s 1999 peace agreement that ended decades of violent struggle between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Today, Sinn Féin, which started as the political wing of the feared IRA, whose bombings killed Queen Elizabeth’s in-law Lord Mountbatten, which was declared a terrorist organisation by several governments is the largest political party in the Republic of Ireland. It is seriously negotiating to form the next government.

This coup comes after Sinn Féin’s participation in the Northern Irish Government, following the 1999 peace agreement.

Today, the Taliban has made peace with the US after 18 years of fighting. The US is preparing to remove several sanctions it imposed against the Taliban at the height of President George W Bush’s War on Terror.

The Taliban is also preparing to talk peace with the current Afghan Government, which it once referred to as American puppets.

Will we have a new era of peace in Afghanistan like we have had in the Irish Isles?

That depends a lot on the Taliban. Do they still feel they were robbed of power? (Before the US invasion the Taliban formed the government of Afghanistan after beating off rivals in a fierce military conflict.)

Or are they ready to compromise with the new folks who have been ruling through elections since the US invasion?

If the Taliban choses to seize back power, there is little hope that the US under President Trump will send in troops to support its allies.

Trump has never hidden his desire to see the US get out of stationing troops in other parts of the world, be it Syria or Afghanistan.

So, the current Afghan Government has to find a way to convince the Taliban to forget that it was once pushed out of power and embrace new democratic struggle for power instead.

To be clear, Taliban will be a major power broker if they choose to participate in the new democracy rather than bring back old questions.

Read more on the US-Taliban peace deal here.

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Belarus struggles not to be gobbled up by Russia

But unlike a house that can be dismantled and reset somewhere else, a country ‘cant’.