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Prince Charles Has Recovered From Coronavirus – Long May He Live

The Prince of Wales, aged 71 has recovered from coronavirus. His recovery gives hope that elders contracting coronavirus is not a death sentence.

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Coronavirus: Many Italians Die Without Seeing Loved Ones One Last Time

In Italy, many victims of coronavirus are dying alone in hospital, without having the chance to see their loved ones one last time.

“This pandemic kills twice,” says Andrea Cerato, who works in a funeral home in Milan. “First, it isolates you from your loved ones right before you die. Then, it doesn’t allow anyone to get closure.”

“Families are devastated and find it hard to accept.”

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Coronavirus: Diary Of An Infected Lady

An infected lady writes daily updates of her symptoms and condition here.

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Oh, What A Young, Promising Life Cut Down!

A young female of about 16-17 was so excited. Why? She would be going to write her JAMB examinations, and if she passes, would enter university later this year.

She entered the vehicle brimming with excitement. The vehicle started her on the journey… But it was involved in an accident that claimed her life.

The family has been thrown into unimaginable pain…

See her lovely photo here.

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Coronavirus: Imagine That Some Billionaires Plan To Escape To The Moon

Imagine that some billionaires plan to escape the coronavirus scare by using Virgin Galactic to travel to the moon and set up tents there. From there, they would use their laptops and satellite technology to run their businesses on earth.

They would have enough oxygen and food resources to last them years.

What would be your reaction if this became reality? Clearly, they’ll not be breaking any laws, but…