Chadwick Boseman Lives On Through The Wakanda Idea

We woke up to the news that Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman has succumbed to cancer.

But I daresay that he lives on through the Wakanda idea that he helped pass to us. By playing his role in the Black Panther, he shined a light of a better Africa that we Africans must all embrace.

From Rwanda to Nigeria, we must nuture the Wakanda confidence that our Africa can be a better place…

We must ride on in the spirit of the Black Panther- the indomitable Black spirit. Wakanda will never succumb to cancer, but will overcome cancer.

I hate this illness called cancer. I hope the world can find a cure to it sooner than later. We should be able to learn how to tame a cell that starts behaving unnaturally in the human body. So many have gone because of cancer.

It’s time to put up a huge fight against cancer by funding even more anti-cancer research.

Chadwick Boseman, your fight is over, but your legacy lives on. Rest in peace, Sir.

Hurray! No New Deaths From Coronavirus In Nigeria’s Last Announcement

There were no new deaths in the last NCDC Covid-19 figures released. Wow! Thank God o.

Watch: Nigerian Businessman In Ghana Protests As Authorities Close Down His Shop

A Nigerian businessman who has been paying taxes in Ghana cries out as authorities shut down his shop despite proof. Watch

If the man has been paying taxes dilligently since 2007 as he claims, his shop should be reopened.

Steps To Save Nigeria’s Economy From The Coronavirus Effect

Currently, Coronavirus has locked down much of Nigeria’s economy. This has sent many into the harshest economic crises they have ever seen.

Many businesses have been closed down for months. As a result, both employers and employees have been thrown into hardship. Private school owners and teachers for instance, have never had it so rough.

The news is filled with stories of workers being sacked from big companies. Of course, countless small companies have also closed down indefinitely for months-workers and owners are now without income.

The Federal Government needs to deep its hands into its coffers and pay business owners and workers. N-Power beneficiaries must not be left out, contract or no contract.

This is what governments around the world have done. And it has reduced the hardship citizens of such countries have faced in this period.

The Federal Government claims to have given palliatives to a number of Nigerians. But given the hardship in the land, such payments are clearly not enough. More money needs to be given to businesses and workers.

Many businesses would be in better economic shape if they had been given stimulus packages in the last few months. The truth is that the private sector currently needs government support.

Many businesses that closed down at the height of the lockdown would have reopened. But they lack money to fund daily activities until the economy picks up fully on its own.

The more some of such businesses stay closed, the higher the likelihood that they may never reopen. The multiplier effect of such negative possibility is scary.

Truthfully, many businesses are to blame for not having capital to restart. Many businesses spent money recklessly during the fat years. Many didn’t understand the concept of savings. But Government should not throw the baby away with the bathwater.

Hopefully, many businesses have learnt the importance of savings and would do much never to be in the kind of cashless situation ever again.

Government shouldn’t continue ignoring the need to send adequate stimulus and bailout money to companies-and palliatives to citizens. Where there is no BVN available, thumb printing before handover of relief materials could suffice.

As soon as the Nigerian economy stabilises Government should fund public advocacy programs urging Nigerian businesses to establish rainy-day funds.


As of the time Gabe Okoye emerged as party chairman in 2016, Gwinnett was a Republican stronghold, with only five of the 25 elected officials in the county being Democrats.

However, the tide turned when he led the party into the 2018 mid-term elections and recorded historic wins.

They captured 13 elected offices, including the majority of Gwinnett seats in the Georgia state legislature, from the Republicans, who currently hold just 7 positions.

The Democratics swept the two county commission seats that were up for grabs and also took one of the two School Board seats contested for.

In addition, the Democrats reclaimed the office of the Solicitor General of the county after decades in the hands of the Republicans.

“Under my leadership of the party, we elected the first black commissioner, first black school board member, and also the first black Solicitor-General of the county in its 200-year history as of 2018.

“The Democratic Party also produced the first black state judge from this county under my watch,” Okoye told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN.

In recognition of these historic achievements in Gwinnett, the Georgia House of Representatives in Resolution 313 of 2019, designated Nov. 6 of that year as Gabe Okoye Leadership Day.