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Numbers In Mozambican Ibo Language

The Mozambican Ibo People speak a version of Igbo language that has been influenced by centuries of interaction with Arab traders.

They are part of the Proto Bantu (Igbo who joined Central and Southern African tribes to form the Bantu civilization).

The Ibo of Mozambique are also known as Chi Mwani, Kimwani, Mwani or Kiwibo.

Today, we bring you their number system. Notice that they use ‘na’ like Nigerian and Equatorial Guinean Igbo.

For instance, 11 is Iri na otu in mainstream Igbo. It is also Kumi na moja in Mozambican Ibo.

They have such numbers like tano (5) which sounds like ano (4), and nane (8) and themanini (30) which sound like itenani (9) in mainstream Igbo language and elfu (1000) which sounds like ofu/otu (1) in mainstream Igbo language.

Here are the numbers in Mozambican Ibo:

moja (1), mbili (2), natu (3), n’né (4), tano (5)

sita (6), saba (7), nane (8), kenda (9)

kumi (10), kumi na moja (11),kumi na mbili (12)

Ishirini (20), thelathini (30), arubaini (40), hamsini (50)

sitini (60), sabini (70), themanini (80), tisini (90)

mia (100), mia mbili (200)

Elfu (1000) elfu mbili (2000)

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Infrastructural Loan: Igbo Group SOREST Threatens Court Action Over Exclusion Of South East

An Igbo activist group, the South East Response Team (SOREST) has protested the exclusion of the mainly-Igbo South East geopolitical zone in an infrastructural development plan backed by loans the Federal Government of Nigeria has applied for. The preassure group has threatened to go to court if the South East remains excluded.

Recall that recently, the Federal Government applied for a loan of $22.7B for infrastructural projects cut across Nigeria’s geopolitical zones. But analysis shows the South East wasn’t included.

A quick look shows that Southwest zone will get $200,000,000.00 while South-South, excluding Edo State, will get $4,270,000,000.00.

The North West will get $6,372,000,000.00. The Northeast will get $300,000,000.00 while North Central will get $6,531,000,000 while $5,853,900,000.00 is allocated for general expenses.

In a press conference held in Enugu, the national coordinator of SOREST, Comrade Aku Obidimma stated; “We wish to once more reiterate our call on President Mohammed Buhari, the parliament and the international creditors to immediately put a hold to this transaction.

“Let the project spread for this loan to be reviewed to significantly capture the South East zone. Unless this is done, SOREST will be bound to take every necessary legal step towards ensuring that the loan is not accessed”.

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Video: Ofalla Festival Ndi Enugu Ukwu

Ofalla Festivals are ceremonies where the Igwes of Igbo towns and their community members come together to celebrate his reign.

During ofalla festivals, indigenes of the town come from all over the world to celebrate. Enugu Ukwu is a popular community in Anambra State, Igboland, South Eastern Nigeria. Enugu Ukwu literately means ‘Up A Great Hill’.

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We hereby present the Igbo ofalla festival, Enugu Ukwu style. Let us continue promoting our wonderful culture as Igbos while uprooting any inhuman elements in it. Enjoy.


January 1966 Coup Was Not An Igbo Coup – Reno Omokri

Former Presidential spokesman to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has come out to question the wildly promoted suggestion that the 1966 coup was an Igbo coup. He mentions two of the top Igbo officers that did the most to stop the coup and asks why it was them who stopped the coup if it was indeed am Igbo coup. See what he said:

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About the January 15, 1966 coup, why did Nzeogwu and Ifeajuna elect to kill those they toppled. Why not arrest them? And if they had to kill, why were the killings not balanced? The ironic thing is that the Ifeajuna/Nzeogwu coup was actually foiled largely by then Lt. Col. Emeka Ojukwu in Kano, and Major General Aguiyi Ironsi in Lagos. Yet, these two individuals later became casualties of the July 28, countercoup. Was Nzeogwu just a pawn in Ifeajuna’s coup? In retrospect, if the coup was an Igbo coup, why did two Igbos foil it? Personally, I think the Nigeria the 1966 coup plotters ended was by far better than the Nigeria they started. Discuss. #1966TheYearNigeriaGotItWrong

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Reno Omokri Warns China Not To Loan Nigeria $7 Billion

Former Presidential Spokesman to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has warned China not to grant any $7Billion loan to Nigeria, saying if China does that, it is lending money to President Buhari, not to Nigeria.

Taking to his social media handle, he said;