Nigerian Police Should Use Less Live Bullets And More Rubber Ones

One frequent complaint made against the Nigerian Police Force is its personnel use live bullets when trying to quell riots.

This, their critics allege, leads to more deadly injuries. Rubber bullets don’t kill like live bullets. Nigerian Police Force should use rubber bullets instead that are not as dangerous as live bullets.

Rubber bullets wounds are rarely serious. The utmost should be done to preserve lives.

Water cannons only wet people. It is different from hitting people with the butt of guns.

Ultimate Love Stars DoubleChris Surprise Fans With Wedding Announcement

Ultimate Love reality show stars Double Chris have come out on social media to announce they will soon be getting married. Hurray!

Chris Adah, the female half of rhe couple was initially rejected by another male housemate. Many of the men on the show also seemed to shy away from her, possibly due to her extraordinary intelligence.

But when Chrisville came into the show, he swept her off her feet. And now it appears they will live happily ever after. Congrats to the couple. The wedding date? Tomorrow, 7th of November.

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A Call Against Rape And False Accusations Of Rape

Rape is an evil that has hurt many innocent human beings. False accusations of rape is am evil that has hurt several innocent people.

These 2 evils, like other serious evils, need to stop. It is unfair to unjustly put tears in the eyes of another human being. Let evil acts reduce in this world, biko.

The Joe Biden Net Worth, What Is It?

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s father was a wealthy oil man. But Joe Biden was at a point called the ‘poorest man in Congress’. When Barack Obama chose Joe to run as his Vice Presidential candidate, it was because of his blue collar background, not his easy access to money and the connection it brings. So, what is the Joe Biden net worth today? Is he struggling to make by, or does he have a billion dollars lying around in some account?

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The Joe Biden Net Worth Question Answered

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Ijora Youths Defend Their Oba Palace From Being Burnt

In this video, the youths of Ijora are defending the palace of their Oba, the Ojora of Ijora from being burnt by angry youths during the EndSARS protest.

According to the youths, the palace is part of their heritage, and they won’t see it destroyed. Watch.