Health Video

Coronavirus: Let’s All Remain Careful

Blacks are not immune to coronavirus. Be careful, please. Please, everyone should do everything possible to avoid contracting coronavirus.

It is a disease that attacks the very ability to breathe. Medical experts don’t yet know much about it, so practice social distancing as much as possible.

History Society Video

Video: Yoruba History: A Short Story Of Tragedy And Justice

The video we are about to share with you is a short real life story of tragedy and justice that happened in 1949. Watch, enjoy and learn:


Coronavirus: Video: British Woman Confronts Technicians Laying 5G Cables In UK

Amidst the debate on whether 5G has been making people fall ill with coronavirus-like symptoms, a British woman has confronted technicians reportedly laying 5G cables in the UK.

You can watch the confrontation here.

International Politics

Coronavirus: Texas Moves To End Oil War Between Russia And Saudi Arabia

An oil commisioner of Texas, a state in the US has held talks with the Russia’s energy minister to find ways to end the oil war between Russia and OPEC power Saudi Arabia He is also scheduled to speak with the Saudi oil minister on the same issue.

Behaving Like A Country

While Texas is just a state within the US, its initiative has been respected because apart from Saudi Arabia, no other country in OPEC produces more oil than Texas.

Texas is particularly concerned because it faces huge job losses if oil prices continue being low.

Many Texas-based oil companies have fallen into financial difficulty in this coronavirus period as the virus and the oil war, has caused oil prices to crash globally.

Coronavirus is making national players become international actors.


Learn: How A Spanish Town Has Stopped Itself From Getting Any Coronavirus Infection

Coronavirus has infected and killed many in Spain. But the Spanish town of Zahara de la Sierra has so far not had a single case of the dreaded killer, even when neighbouring towns have had infections.

Glory be to God. More grease to their elbows.

See how they have fought off coronavirus completely.