Despite Opposition From Governments, Facebook Goes Ahead With Libra Cryptocurrency

Despite massive opposition from Western Governments like France and the US Congress, Facebook has announced plans to go ahead with a new version of its planned cryptocurrency the Libra, reports the BBC.

Corona Virus: Japan Orders All Schools Closed

Menn! This Corona Virus of a thing ia very serious o. We have just got news that Japan has ordered all schools closed on Monday, following a realisation of the seriousness of the issue. When was the last time Japan closed down schools during peace time? This is serious. Anyway, read all about it inContinue reading “Corona Virus: Japan Orders All Schools Closed”

abh12345 Powers Up To 50,000 SP Despite Uncertainty After Justin Sun’s ‘Moon Move’

A Steemian, abh12345, has powered up to 50k Steem Power despite the uncertainty trailing the acquisition of by Tron’s Justin Sun. The powering up, which means investing in the Steem blockchain in a a way that stops you from selling it off is seen as a badly needed vote of confidence by many inContinue reading “abh12345 Powers Up To 50,000 SP Despite Uncertainty After Justin Sun’s ‘Moon Move’”

Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad resigns as partner-rival Anwar Ibrahim cries out over ‘betrayal’

Will Anwar Ibrahim ever become Prime Minister of Malaysia? Read about the power play behind Mahathir’s shock resignation here Analysis We suspected something like this would happen years ago. Mahathir might be scared Anwar would take revenge on him for his previous political downfall and imprisonment.