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STEEM Community Old Guard To Begin Great Trek From To

The old guard of the STEEM community opposed to the new order of Justin Sun of Tron are preparing for a Great Trek away from Steemit to, their new home. Community sources confirm there will be a hard fork away from Steemit on Friday. comes with its own blockchain, the Hive. Snapshots of loyal Steemian accounts have been scheduled. Honey 🍯 drops will be airdropped into such accounts, while accounts of pro Sun Steemians are not likely to get honey.

This reminds me of the Afrikaanar Great Trek to Transvaal after the Afrikaanar defeat in the hands of he British Huitlanders. It also reminds me of the Maoist Long March in China after a major defeat in the hands of Chiang Kai Chek’s Nationalists.

It also reminds me of the May Flower, the Pilgrim Fathers leaving England to settle in America after disagreements with the English monarchy.

I will be watching to see if the special relationship between England and America is replicated between the STEEM and Hive communities. Over and out.

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Steemit’s Old Guard Recpature Concensus Network As Tron’s Sun Losses Exchange Support

Yesterday, we brought you news that forces aligned with Tron Network’s Justin Sun in a surprise move, took over the Consensus Network of the Steem blockchain, dislodging the top 20 witnesses that lead the online crypto community.

Well, since then there has been a reverse, as 2 of the 3 big exchanges that enabled Sun take over withdrew their critical support.

Binance and Huobi withdrew support, while Poloniex which is more linked to Sun maintained its support for the crypto warrior.

In a Tweet Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao explained that the exchange isn’t really interested in blockchain governance.

This enabled the Steem Old Guard to quickly reelect enough witnesses to nullify Sun’s ⛅ move.

Peace talks, called a virtual townhall meeting, will be held on Friday.

See more details of what went down.


Tron Newtork’s Justin Sun bought crypto site from Ned Scott. But members of the community who hold Steem are resisting the people from Tron in what they see as a hostile takeover or invasion.

These dramatic actions may be delaying the launch of Smart Media Tokens which have the power to bring cryptocurrencies and the media together.


Steemit Old Guard Debate Hard Fork After Tron Army Dislodged Top 20 Witnesses

Pro Justin Sun forces just unleashed an unexpected offensive that has seen them take control of the top 20 witnesses in the Steem blockchain. As a result, Steem’s Consensus Mechanism is for the first time firmly in Justin Sun’s control.

The old guard, made up of whales of the ante bellum era had earlier initiated a soft fork to deny Justin Sun’s team the power to takeover by themselves.

To counter this, Sun forged an alliance with the big exchanges that have massive amounts of Steem in their control.

As a result, the Tron army was able to muster enough Steem Power to dislodge all the 20 old witnesses.

The move, seen by many of the old Steemian community as a hostile takeover, basically seizes control of the network.

Justin Sun’s ⛅ Tron forces were able to successfully take control with the support of big exchanges that staked Steem under their control, a manoeuvre that caught the old Steem witnesses off guard.

Sources site Twitter reports of pro Sun Steemian forces powering up just before the takeover. Now we know why.

See more here:

And here:

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abh12345 Powers Up To 50,000 SP Despite Uncertainty After Justin Sun’s ‘Moon Move’

A Steemian, abh12345, has powered up to 50k Steem Power despite the uncertainty trailing the acquisition of by Tron’s Justin Sun.

The powering up, which means investing in the Steem blockchain in a a way that stops you from selling it off is seen as a badly needed vote of confidence by many in the Steem community.

It is said that smart investors move against the tide. But has abh12345 made a wise financial decision given the current uncertainties. In his own words, he has either been brave or stupid.

Only time, and Justin Sun ⛅ can tell. To paraphrase abh12345 , he has either found a hidden treasure, or he has just poured his money 💰 into a basket.

Click to see Steemians congratulating him on the move which now makes him a leader of Steem. Let’s hope, let’s believe Steem is not a sinking ship.a