Coronavirus: Crime rising in Italy as people get desperate for food

Groups have been set up in the last few days on social media to organise raids of supermarkets.

For Italy’s Government, lockdown has started yielding fruit as rate of infections reduce. But many are getting impatient at the lockdown. Others are getting hungry and angry.

If the situation grows, the authority of Italy’s Government might be challenged.

Read to see several crimes committed by people because of coronavirus lockdown


Hope As New Coronavirus Infections Begin To Reduce In Italy

Unfortunately, the deaths from coronavirus are still high in Italy. But fortunately, new infections are beginning to reduce.

This means that Italy is turning the corner. Praise God.

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Coronavirus Empties Rome’s Famous Piazzas

Rome’s piazzas have been a source of tourism even in Bible times. But the need to slow/halt the spread of coronavirus from Italy’s North to its South has meant that they become empty.

Coronavirus Rome
Empty sidewalk in a normally busy Roman street

Window shopping has suffered as Romans and tourists stay home.


Coronavirus: Italy’s Dunkirk Moment

Life is highly controlled by government rules. People must fill out a form explaining why they have gone out.

These are some of the things an American based in the quarantined area of Italy said about life in the area.

But it’s for the best. Tough times sometimes require tough rules (within reasonable bounds of course).

According to the American, it is not always easy. Some days ago, she said, a woman with Covid-19 broke away from quarantine and into the streets.

Italy should embrace this as a Dunkirk moment. During the second World War, when the British Army suddenly had to evacuate from France, or be trapped, everyone with a boat volunteered theirs.

From the small canoe to the houseboat to the speed boat. If they hadn’t done that, the British Army would have been in great peril. But because of sacrifices, they lived to fight another day.

This is a similar moment for Italy. It is time for sacrifice.


Coronavirus: Italy Places Northern Region, 16 Million In Quarantine

Italy has taken tough measures o curb cases of Coronavirus that have killed hundreds of Italians so far.

As part of the measures, weddings,funerals, religious and cultural meetings have been suspended in the quarantined areas.

Public meeting places like cinemas, night clubs, gyms, swimming pools, museums and ski resorts have also been closed.

Restaurants and cafes can open between 06 am and 6pm but customers must sit at least 1m (3ft) apart.

Those who break the quarantine could face three months in jail.