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Italy’s super-sweet three-ingredient pasta dish that’s still a secret

Forget macaroni, spagetti,even lasagna…

There is a delightful Italian pasta dish that is cooked with just 3 ingredients that is still not well known outside Italy.

This dish is said to have been used by shepards to warm themselves in the cold weather in the old days. (One of the 3 ingredients stimulated the heat receptors in the body.)

The dish itself was not yet known throughout Italy until the Italian unification in the 1800s.

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Healthy Italian still testing positive for the virus after 56 DAYS

This is a strange story. A 23 year old Italian model is still testing positive for coronavirus despite the fact that she has shown no symptoms.

This means even though she isn’t sick she remains in isolation until the virus disappears from her system.

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Italian Lockdown Saves Lives As Busy Bridge Collapses

If not for Italy’s current lockdown, many live might have been lost after an Italian bridge collapsed.

But the better way of saving would of course have been if the bridge was well maintained. Luckily, the occupants of two vehicles on the bridge survived.



Coronavirus: Crime rising in Italy as people get desperate for food

Groups have been set up in the last few days on social media to organise raids of supermarkets.

For Italy’s Government, lockdown has started yielding fruit as rate of infections reduce. But many are getting impatient at the lockdown. Others are getting hungry and angry.

If the situation grows, the authority of Italy’s Government might be challenged.

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Hope As New Coronavirus Infections Begin To Reduce In Italy

Unfortunately, the deaths from coronavirus are still high in Italy. But fortunately, new infections are beginning to reduce.

This means that Italy is turning the corner. Praise God.