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WebDevStudios Release Fork Of Core WordPress Script…

WebDevStudios unveiled its custom block scaffolding tool on Tuesday. It is a fork of the core WordPress script, that was rolled out in February this year, along with  Gutenberg 7.4.

According to WebDevStudios, the aim is to enable plugin developers begin building without “all the tedious setup required to build even the most basic block.”

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IOS Users Can Now Record And Send Voice Tweets

Twitter is launching the ability for its users to record audio voicenotes and attach them to their tweets.

Sadly, the new feature is available only on iOS first. And even then, it only available for “a limited group of people” to begin with, according to the company.

“Sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation.

So starting today, we’re testing a new feature that will add a more human touch to the way we use Twitter — your very own voice,” Twitter’s Maya Patterson and Rémy Bourgoin wrote in a blog post.

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Our Nasty Experience With Simon Emery’s OIO Publisher Plugin

A few months ago, we bought a plugin licence from OIO Publisher which has Simon Emery as its executive. OIO Publisher was a WordPress plugin that promised, among other things a marketplace for publishers and advertisers.

Some members of our team had discouraged us from buying OIO Publisher licence in the first place. They said this because the OIO Publisher team has the nasty habit of not answering customer emails.

But the team decided to buy the licence anyway because we wanted to access the vaunted OIO Publisher advertisers Marketplace. Vaunted by who? Vaunted by a top SEO expert whom we will not mention here.

What was the bargain? OIO Publisher promised (among other things) to give us access to its marketplace of advertisers.

After buying the plugin licence we never saw any such marketplace. It was then we remembered a bad review someone had written about OIO Publisher before our purchase.

In the review, the person complained about the OIO Publisher team’s habit of not replying customer distress messages.

The person advised OIO Publisher to consider closing its plugin and stop collecting money from unsuspecting clients if it has abandoned the plugin.

Fast-forward to early this month, we went to the OIO Publisher website and we just got a message that the plugin has been discontinued. Just like that. No offer to refund monies of those who recently purchased the ‘service’.

Our experience: Simon Emery took the money but didn’t give the service paid for.

To Simon Emery and the OIO Publisher team. You have betrayed the trust of online customers in your products.

A business paid you for something. You pocketed the money but never delivered. You probably knew you’d close your business in a few months but unethically kept collecting payments for services you never intended to render.

People, strongly consider this before you do any new business with the former OIO Publisher team. If they don’t answer your emails, consider it a Big Red sign.

Lesson To Publishers: Always seriously consider your gut feelings/hunch before making a purchase decision on the internet. Don’t depend just on ‘expert’ opinion. That opinion might once have been relevant, but companies and people do change.

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How You Can Search Google Trends To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic Magically!

One way to know what keywords are trending on Google is to search Google Trends. You can get the trending keywords people are using on Google here.

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When you get inside, you will see insanely popular search keywords. These are keywords trending in the past 24 hours. For instance, if it is Valentine period, you’ll be sure to see the keyword ‘Valentine’ or its variant trending.

In fact, looking at trends in January would show you how keyword Valentine is on the rise. So, as a smart content creator, you can then create an article that you can unleash around the 14th of February.

Google Trend Searches can also alert you to other seasonal trends. For instance, if you watch the trends closely, you will see when the trend for the Olympics keyword begins to rise. You can proactively create content that you’ll use to draw traffic when that trend begins to peak.

For instance if you search Google Trends, you may notice that the keyword ‘Thanksgiving’ rises just around November . Have you created evergreen content around that? If you use Google Trends you’ll see when you should begin to make updates on your Thanksgiving content in preparation for another traffic harvest.


So, to summarize, you can search Google Trends to find out popular keywords that peak seasonally and then create content during the peak.

If you already have content created around a keyword that peaks seasonally,  searching Google Trends can prompt you to begin optimizing and updating the article so that it has a greater chance of ranking during peak period, which I like to refer to as harvest period. Lol.

Here is a similar article that’ll tell you more on how you can search Google Trends and harvest loads of traffic in return!


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Shock as Microsoft sacks human journalists and replaces them with ‘robot journalists’ – BBC

Microsoft has sacked 27 journalists of its MSN news site a d replaced them with robots.

So, artificial intelligence now does intellectual work, not just manual work.

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