How Japan Has Kept Coronavirus From Overwhelming It

With Coronavirus sweeping through nations with deadly alacrity, Japan’s medical system has not become overwhelmed with a large outbreak.

This article explores why.


Is Coronavirus A Threat To The Olympics?

Japanese Olympics Minister Seiko Hashimoto said on Friday that the games will “absolutely not” be canceled, a day after US President Donald Trump suggested they be pushed back a year.

There have been speculations that the most iconic human event of he world, the Olympics would be postponed, but Japan has so far said it will soon hope.

A psychic ones predicted a lung disease that will wreck havoc around 2020 and then disappear suddenly. We pray coronavirus disappears as suddenly as it came. Amen.

Meanwhile, see what RT has to say about major sporting events including the Olympics that are threatened by coronavirus.

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Corona Virus: Japan Orders All Schools Closed

Menn! This Corona Virus of a thing ia very serious o. We have just got news that Japan has ordered all schools closed on Monday, following a realisation of the seriousness of the issue.

When was the last time Japan closed down schools during peace time? This is serious.

Anyway, read all about it in the link.

Business Tips

Nintendo: from game card manufacturing in 1889 to video games today

The article I linked to tells the story of several Japanese businesses that have lasted for centuries. For instance, the worlds oldest hotel (opened in 705 and still thriving today).

The article investigates what has made Japanese businesses last so long. I must say Japan seems to be connected to longevity. The world’s oldest person is also Japanese.

Anyway, do read the article here


Chara-ben: The Japanese Art Of Decorating Children’s Food In Their Lunchbox Or Bento (Photos Included)

You might have heard about Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. But I bet you’ve not heard of Chara-ben, the Japanese art of Decorating Children’s Food In Their Lunchbox