Black Wall Street: How Envious Racists Destroyed An Afro American Paradise

The video describes the destruction of Black Wall Street. That destruction is one of the worst cases of genocide to happen in the United States in the 20th Century. Racists couldn’t handle the fact that an Afro American community could become affluent like Beverly Hills. So, they decided to burn it down and kill its people.

Note that the racists had thrown the rocks of life at these Afro Americans. But when the Afro Americans managed to build a strong house with the rocks that had been thrown at them, the racists came and burnt the house down!

A Paradise Of Hope

Before the destruction, Black Wall Street had been home to over 10,000 largely affluent Afro American residents.

Black Wall Street was situated in the Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was filled to the brim with successful Afro American businesses and dainty homes.

Rejected elsewhere due to the inhuman evil called racism, the Afro Americans felt at home in this little spot of earth they could at last call their own.

And what is more, news of the successes made Afro Americans elsewhere proud of that achievement. What is more; it gave them many role models to aspire to.

Residents of Black Wall Street became role models for many Afro American youth who would have lived a life of crime. Role models that told them they could succeed in this United States, despite deep-seated racism.

Innocent American citizens would watch movies at the Afro American-owned Bill Williams Dreamland Theater.

They would shop for their essentials at Afro American-owned D. L. Hookers General Stores.

They would get treated for health issues at the clinic of Dr. A. C. Jackson, an Afro-American Surgeon.

Many would stay, have meetings and hold events at the Afro American-owned Stratford Hotel.

Happy children were delighted when taken for ice cream or cakes or candy at Williams Confectionery. Many residents shielded their children from the sad reality of racism against Afro Americans.

Afro Americans called Black Wall Street Little Africa. Perhaps, if it were still around today, it would have served as a notable model of success for Big Africa.

Racists Burn Up The Paradise; Screaming Children…

But all that came to an end one day in 1921 when envious racists fell upon the paradise, massacred its inhabitants and burnt it to the ground.

The attackers had killed hundreds of Afro Americans within hours. Their crime? Being successful Afro Americans.

The racist attack rendered 10,000 Afro Americans homeless, and destroyed property worth millions of dollars.

No doubt, the destruction of Black Wall Street wounded America’s psyche. America is not proud to write this chapter in its history books. But it must.

America needs to heal the deep hurt experienced by the Afro Americans over this. America needs to dry the tears this destruction brought with it.

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Igbo Land Is Becoming A Lawless Land, But The Lawless Shall Fail In Jesus Name!

Igbos are one of the most blessed lands in the planet earth, but since the end of the civil war, the place has been increasingly taken over by the wrong sought of ‘leaders’. We no longer have philosopher kings like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alex Ekwueme, Chuba Okadigbo and others.

Leadership in Igbo Land has gradually been tken over by kidnappers, land grabbers and other kinds of vermin, who are boldly trying to push away the true leaders of the Igbos, that is, those who genuinly want to bring progress and development to the blessed land.

The situation in Igbo Land today gives cause for concern. How can a junior brother try to steal land belonging to his elder brother? What we see today is a land where there is no longer respect for tradition.

By tradition, the land of a father, where he lived primarily should go to the first son of that man. But these days, jealous relatives of the family could go and gang up against that first son, and push some other brother who is weak to try to steal that land. It will not work in Jesus name! Amen.

It is time for a rebirth of justice in Igboland. It is time for our governors, our policemen, our judjes, our Igwes to stand up for what is right.

The criminal elements in our midst should not be allowed to rule the roost because that would mean Igbo Land and the Igbo people loosing their true essence.

Let the real Igbo Land arise! Igbo land that prides justice over the aqcuistition of filthy lucre. It shall be so, it is already so in Jesus name! Amen.

No weapon fashioned against the just in Igbo Land shall prosper! Any tongue that rises agaist the just in Igbo Land, God shall condemn in Jesus name! Amen.

May those who grab lands belonging to others and use bribes to try and keep those lands be put to shame by their corrupt acts in Jesus name! May God himself, through God fearing judges and law enforcement officials expose and shame them in a way they never expected in the mighty name of Jesus, amen!