How Igbos Used Imu-Ahia To Conquer Poverty

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So, we came across some tweets detailing the Igbo apprenticeship system called Imu-Ahia or ‘learning market’.

We know what you like, so we are dropping the link for you in the embedded tweet below (tweet loading).

Attah Of Igala Goes On Final Royal Journey

The Attah of Igala and Chairman, Kogi State traditional council, Dr Micheal Ameh Oboni has joined his ancestors.

The Paramount ruler of the Igalla nation died in Abuja yesterday night after being admitted to a hospital in Abuja.

The Igalas are historically close to the Igbos. Oral tradition has it that the first Attah of Igala, known as Onoja, is descended from Eri Ben Gad, the Igbo father-figure, through his daughter Oboli.

Several Igbo communities are also said to be descended from Igalas.

May His soul rest in peace.

Watch: 25th coronation anniversary of the of Haile Selassie, last Emperor Of Ethiopia

Haile Selassie was the last Emperor of Ethiopia, an ancient country that currently hosts the hq of the African Union. Remember the Queen of Sheba in the Bible? Or the Eunoch that spoke to Saint Stephen?

They were said to have come from Ethiopia. Also, Emperor Ezeana who is believed to have come from Igbo was also a ruler there.

But Haile Selassie was the last monarchical ruler of Ethiopia, which defeated imperialist Italians at the Battle of Adowa under Emperor Menelik.

Anyway, before I try to cram in centuries of Ethiopian history into one paragraph, I present you with the 25th coronation anniversary of the last Emperor of Ethiopia. It was an occasion filled with royal pomp and circumstance. Watch.

“Most Igbos Don’t Know Igbos Built Pyramids”

The quote below was made by a Nairalander named Yujin. Yujin was lamenting the fact that most Igbos don’t know that the ancient Igbos built pyramids like the ancient Egyptians and other ancient civilizations. Yujin wrote:

Till date, most Igbos don’t know that there was a pyramid built in Igboland…

I think Igbo social study teachers should make it an effort to study these archeological works of those people I mentioned earlier and use their findings to teach our young ones the achievement of our ancestors.

This will go a long way to boost their awareness and creativity. We have to be passionate about Igbo nation by researching stuffs ourselves.