Afro Chileans Or Chilean Afro Americans

Throwback Video: Chilean Afro Americans Campaign To Be Included In Their Country’s Census

I think it is sad that a people have to campaign to be included in their country’s census. Chile has my respect for some economic strides it has made. But it still has a long way to go in terms of civil rights. See the video.


Organisation To Provide Business Loans To Neglected Guyanese Afro American Businesses

Afro Guyanese who have complained of being denied business loans because they are Afro Americans will soon have another option, as the video below explains.

However, we must point out that it remains the duty of the Guyanese Government to make sure that Afro Guyanese are not discriminated against. NGOs are only there to provide support.

We therefore encourage the…

Afro Guyanese or Guyanese Afro Americans Civil Rights

Guyanese Afro Americans Deprived Of Land Rights

He lamented that governments, including those mainly supported by African-Guyanese, have “steadfastly refused” to allocate lands to African-Guyanese similar to demarcation of those that had been handed out to…Read more

Argentine Afro Americans or Afro Argentines

Argentine Afro Americans Made To Feel Like Foreigners In Their Own Country – BBC

This video tells you about a population that is often denied its existence. The Afro Argentines.

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Cimarrón Productions To Create First Colombian Afro American Arts Lab

Colombian Afro Americans

Cimarrón Productions is a Colombian Afro American film company established to enable the marginalized Colombian Afro American people, otherwise known as Afro Colombians tell their own stories .

The founders had noticed 2 things about the situation of Colombian Afro Americans: (Continue reading in link below)