4 Nnewi Festivals That Have Been Stopped That May Just Need Reform

Four Nnewi festivals that have been stopped are Igba Ota, Igbu Ichi, Ikwu aru, and Igbu Ichebili. Our investigations show they were stopped because of ‘modernisation’.

We think it should be looked into if there is away to remove any harmful effects the festivals had and then revive and continue them. If properly handled, they can showcase Igbo culture while attracting tourists.

Watch: US-Based Children Speaking Igbo Fluently

The video shows children based in the US speaking the mother-tongue very fluently. Their parents have tried. Let’s make sure Igbo language doesn’t go extinct. Watch.

Watch: Akama Ngwo Igbo Cultural Dance Festival Of Udi

We just wanted to share a flavour of the Akama Ngwo Igbo cultural dance festival of the Udi people of Enugu State. Watch here.

Watch Onitsha Ofala Festival Of 1971, One Year After The Nigeria-Biafra War!

It is 1971. Just a year after the end of the Nigeria-Biafra war. The biggest question asked then was… with the destruction will the energetic Igbos ever bounce back?

The good people of Onitsha had a ready answer. They held an Ofala festival! A massive celebration of what it means to be Igbo!

That festival, and others like it, helped to restart Igbo cultural activities. and in a few short years, Igbos bounced back economically. Watch and enjoy!

Watch: Unubi Masquerade Festival 2019 (Part 1)

We present to you the Oke Mmuo Unubi (Unubi Great Masquerade festival) of 2019. Coronavirus has prevented so much from happening in 2020. But watch and be inspired that maybe in 2021, things will be different. Watch.