Odumeje Calls For Igbo Unity

Popular pastor Odumeje has made an impassioned call for Igbos leaving outside Igboland to invest in Igboland.Speaking in Igbo during an interview, Odumeje also called for unity among Igbos. Watch. Fast-forward to 1:50 minutes to see the call directly.

Divorce Epidemic

These days divorce news seems everywhere in the air. It’s as if it’s the latest trend. Divorce is sad because marriages were supposed to be happily ever after. Now it seems it’s happily never after. How can the current high rate of divorce be decreased?

Exploring The Igbo-Ijaw Linkages In Opobo, Bonny & Okrika

We saw this article that had a lot to say about centuries-long Igbo-Ijaw connections in the Kingdoms of Opobo, Bonny and Okrika and thought we should share. We just put up some tasters below to give you a taste of the whole article. The Okrika on the other hand, also have relationship with the Igbo,…… Continue reading Exploring The Igbo-Ijaw Linkages In Opobo, Bonny & Okrika