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Advice Her On How To Cope With ‘Too Much Sex’ From Husband

The woman in the link below has come out to complain that her husband is wearing her out by demanding too much sex. She is seeking answers. If you have some, you can go to the link below to advice her.

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The Covidian Chronicles Book 1 (The Strike Of The Invincible Army)

Dedicated to the great scribe BishopMagic

I, the Bearer of truth, doth put down these lines, that the sons and daughters of men who are to come might know the terrible things that happened in this age, that they might gird their loins against a repeat. And here cometh my tale:

And in those days, it came to pass that the dread king of Covid sent out his invincible army. And they attacked the earth. They set their sight on the Middle Kingdom.

And they fell upon the grand city of Wuhan that they might lay it utterly desolate. And they attacked both rich and poor.

And there was a loud lamentation in all the land that was heard even in the four corners of the earth.

Then Emperor Xi of Jinping who sat on the throne of the Middle Kingdom gathered all his armies, and spake unto those who doth swear the oath of Hippocrates who are called doctors and those who follow the Florence of Nightingale and are called nurses and their allies saying thus: ‘Arise and journey forth to the citadel of Wuhan, that thou might make battle against the vile armies of Covid, for thou alone holdeth the sword that doth vanquish that terrible army’.

And the doctors with their allies and potions ancient and modern, sallied forth and did battle with the Covidian army, and doth vanquish that terrible army.

And it was a mighty victory. For the world saith, ‘Aha, the Covidian army are vanquished in Wuhan. They shall be vanquished in all the earth!’ And the world made merry at such glad tidings.

But the Covidian army, with their tails between their legs, fled Wuhan and journeyed past the 7 seas and 7 mountains to lay desolate all the earth.

And thus the armies of the world, even all they who taketh the oath of Hippocrates who are known as doctors and the Nightingale army and even their allies that doth treat the sick, together with the armies of the world made ready to do great battle to vanquish the army of Covid.

And the Covidian army, using humans as trojan horses, fell upon the ancient land of Troy and all the lands surrounding it, that they might lay it utterly desolate.

But the Romans and Italians, even the rest of the world said, “Tell it not that Italy is vanquished by the dread and feared army of Covid”.

And the rest of the records of those times, are they not recorded in the annals of the affairs of the world?

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Video: Yoruba History: A Short Story Of Tragedy And Justice

The video we are about to share with you is a short real life story of tragedy and justice that happened in 1949. Watch, enjoy and learn:

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Want To Know Why Kids (Generally) Fonder Of Mothers Than Fathers? Watch This

You might have noticed that a lot of times children prefer the company of their mothers to that of their fathers. Some might say that the fondness ratio should be near 50:50 for both parents.

You as a father might be asking why it is often not so. Mothers seem to win hands down.

Well, the makers of the video below believe they have discovered the reason. Mothers will always be mothers, but hey, I for one, believe that if fathers apply the lesson(s), they will improve on their fondness ratio with their children.

Just watch and learn.

Disclaimer: Moderated discipline still has its place in a child’s life, no matter what.

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Oh, What A Young, Promising Life Cut Down!

A young female of about 16-17 was so excited. Why? She would be going to write her JAMB examinations, and if she passes, would enter university later this year.

She entered the vehicle brimming with excitement. The vehicle started her on the journey… But it was involved in an accident that claimed her life.

The family has been thrown into unimaginable pain…

See her lovely photo here.