Video: The Moment Angry Mob Freed Prisoners From Ohafia Police Station

The video below shows an angry mob freeing prisoners from a police station said to be in Ohafia. Video loading… ⭐ This incident happened at Ohafia in Abia state. ⭐ Police should have human face dealing with hungry and angry Nigerians at this moment, its sad news#Bariga | Pastor Adeboye | #slimcase | 23 inContinue reading “Video: The Moment Angry Mob Freed Prisoners From Ohafia Police Station”

Nigeria Police Force Release Nationwide Emergency Call Lines

Following widespread reports of growing unrest in parts of the country, the Nigeria Police Force has released emergency call lines. Nigeria Police Force Nationwide Emergency Call Lines — Nigeria Police Force (@PoliceNG) April 11, 2020 Store them in your phone now.

Happening Now: Robbers Trapped Inside Abuja Bank As Police And Army Occupy Entrance

Robbers struck a bank at Mbape, Abuja. But a combined team of police and army have blocked off the exit. A crowd of onlookers has developed outside the bank as photos in the link show. See photos and more details.