Quick Way To Test If You Have Coronavirus Using Your Phone!

According to medical experts, coronavirus introduces a liquid substance into the lungs that makes people that have it cough if they hold their breath for long. Mind you, people that have ordinary catarrh can also cough if they hold their breath, we are also told.

But we came accross this video below that is like a sort of ‘do-it-yourself’ test, testing if one can hold their breath for a specified period of time. You can take the breath test in the video and see if you pass. But remember: no one can hold their breath for a prolonged period of time without gasping for breath. And as we said, a congested heart can bring the same results. I guess it should better be called a lung-health-check. See the breath test in the video:

Watch: Unubi Masquerade Festival 2019 (Part 1)

We present to you the Oke Mmuo Unubi (Unubi Great Masquerade festival) of 2019. Coronavirus has prevented so much from happening in 2020. But watch and be inspired that maybe in 2021, things will be different. Watch.

3 Ogene Music Videos You Should Watch

Ogene music is one of the defining genres of Igbo traditional music. We present to you 3 popular Ogene music videos.

1. Ejyk Mwaba Ogene Music

2. Ausima Malaika Ogene Music


4. Opanka Ogene Music

Addictive Video Challenge

It is impossible to watch this video just once. I dare you to watchbit only once. If I win, you share it twice.


The video below shows a verbal battle that occurred yesterday between Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige and Member of the House of Reps, Honourable Abiodin Faleke. What do you think? (Video loading…)