Mr Macaroni Speaks Against ‘Ponzi’ Schemes

Mr Macaroni has spoken out against ponzi schemes in a comedy skit starring his on-set daughter, Motunde. Motunde had just invested her school fees (na wa o) in a ponzi scheme and was promoting it to her dad, when he started speaking out against Ponzi schemes.

Among other things Mr Macaroni advised his daughter that even if people are looking for ways of investing in order to make money, they should ‘use their brains’.

Shortly after, Motunde receives a call from her friend with important message regarding the Ponzi scheme. Did Motunde just lose her school fees? Watch here to find out.

Video: Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Makes Case For More Women In Politics

This 5-minute video makes a case for more women to be in politics, because women bring in some special qualities to leadership.

For instance, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf became the first president of Liberia to handover power peacefully since the 1940s!

Before then, development in the country since the 1940s have been stunted by periodic destruction from civil war.

Now, by peacefully handing over to George Weah, she has created a precedent. Watch and tell me your thoughts on the views expressed in the video. Cheers.

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