See The Last Badge SteemitBoard Awarded Justin Sun For Shutting It Down

The casualties of the war between Steemit owner Justin Sun and the Steemit old guard -who are now moving over to Hive- include entities that received delegations of STEEM Power (SP) from Steemit Inc. under former owner, Ned.

One of these casualties is SteemitBoard who used to award lucrative badges to Steemians for comments using the SP delegation they got. Ned had delegated 30,000 SP to SteemitBoard.

But in reaction to the recent withdrawal of the 30,000 SP by Justin Sun’s new management, SteemitBoard, which is also moving to Hive made one last badge for Justin Sun, presumably as a parting gift.

See it here.

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STEEM Community Old Guard To Begin Great Trek From To

The old guard of the STEEM community opposed to the new order of Justin Sun of Tron are preparing for a Great Trek away from Steemit to, their new home. Community sources confirm there will be a hard fork away from Steemit on Friday. comes with its own blockchain, the Hive. Snapshots of loyal Steemian accounts have been scheduled. Honey 🍯 drops will be airdropped into such accounts, while accounts of pro Sun Steemians are not likely to get honey.

This reminds me of the Afrikaanar Great Trek to Transvaal after the Afrikaanar defeat in the hands of he British Huitlanders. It also reminds me of the Maoist Long March in China after a major defeat in the hands of Chiang Kai Chek’s Nationalists.

It also reminds me of the May Flower, the Pilgrim Fathers leaving England to settle in America after disagreements with the English monarchy.

I will be watching to see if the special relationship between England and America is replicated between the STEEM and Hive communities. Over and out.