Steemit Old Guard Debate Hard Fork After Tron Army Dislodged Top 20 Witnesses

Pro Justin Sun forces just unleashed an unexpected offensive that has seen them take control of the top 20 witnesses in the Steem blockchain. As a result, Steem’s Consensus Mechanism is for the first time firmly in Justin Sun’s control.

The old guard, made up of whales of the ante bellum era had earlier initiated a soft fork to deny Justin Sun’s team the power to takeover by themselves.

To counter this, Sun forged an alliance with the big exchanges that have massive amounts of Steem in their control.

As a result, the Tron army was able to muster enough Steem Power to dislodge all the 20 old witnesses.

The move, seen by many of the old Steemian community as a hostile takeover, basically seizes control of the network.

Justin Sun’s ⛅ Tron forces were able to successfully take control with the support of big exchanges that staked Steem under their control, a manoeuvre that caught the old Steem witnesses off guard.

Sources site Twitter reports of pro Sun Steemian forces powering up just before the takeover. Now we know why.

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