Stuff, a company that brought in $5.5 million from revenue of $269 million last year, has just been sold for $1! You heared right, $1! I mean, why would the owners of Stuff, an Australian news site worth millions be sold for just $1? One dollar? Money that’s not enough to buy a cuppa coffeeContinue reading “STUFF: AUSTRALIAN COMPANY WORTH MILLIONS SOLD FOR $1!”


Chinese entertainment app TikTok isn’t available in China. But there are concerns the app may fall afoul of Chinese rules. The incremental moves to loosen restrictions could expose TikTok to risks in China, where the government has historically cracked down on businesses that got outside accepted Chinese cultural norms. Read the full story

How You Can Search Google Trends To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic Magically!

One way to know what keywords are trending on Google is to search Google Trends. You can get the trending keywords people are using on Google here. Also Read: Facebook Now Lets People Open Shops On WhatsApp, Messenger, etc When you get inside, you will see insanely popular search keywords. These are keywords trending inContinue reading “How You Can Search Google Trends To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic Magically!”

Shock as Microsoft sacks human journalists and replaces them with ‘robot journalists’ – BBC

Microsoft has sacked 27 journalists of its MSN news site a d replaced them with robots. So, artificial intelligence now does intellectual work, not just manual work. See the inside story