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Chinese entertainment app TikTok isn’t available in China. But there are concerns the app may fall afoul of Chinese rules.

The incremental moves to loosen restrictions could expose TikTok to risks in China, where the government has historically cracked down on businesses that got outside accepted Chinese cultural norms.

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How You Can Search Google Trends To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic Magically!

One way to know what keywords are trending on Google is to search Google Trends. You can get the trending keywords people are using on Google here.

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When you get inside, you will see insanely popular search keywords. These are keywords trending in the past 24 hours. For instance, if it is Valentine period, you’ll be sure to see the keyword ‘Valentine’ or its variant trending.

In fact, looking at trends in January would show you how keyword Valentine is on the rise. So, as a smart content creator, you can then create an article that you can unleash around the 14th of February.

Google Trend Searches can also alert you to other seasonal trends. For instance, if you watch the trends closely, you will see when the trend for the Olympics keyword begins to rise. You can proactively create content that you’ll use to draw traffic when that trend begins to peak.

For instance if you search Google Trends, you may notice that the keyword ‘Thanksgiving’ rises just around November . Have you created evergreen content around that? If you use Google Trends you’ll see when you should begin to make updates on your Thanksgiving content in preparation for another traffic harvest.


So, to summarize, you can search Google Trends to find out popular keywords that peak seasonally and then create content during the peak.

If you already have content created around a keyword that peaks seasonally,  searching Google Trends can prompt you to begin optimizing and updating the article so that it has a greater chance of ranking during peak period, which I like to refer to as harvest period. Lol.

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Media Technology

Shock as Microsoft sacks human journalists and replaces them with ‘robot journalists’ – BBC

Microsoft has sacked 27 journalists of its MSN news site a d replaced them with robots.

So, artificial intelligence now does intellectual work, not just manual work.

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The Real Donald Trump Versus Twitter

The Real Donald Trump is angry with Twitter and other social media. Will he trump this or will he falter? I was reading an analysis about President Donald Trump’s executive order targeting social media platforms.

The analyst, BBC’s Anthony Zurcher believes that the executive order may not affect social media until way after the November presidential election.

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He says this is because of possible legal challenges, administrative reviews and the other processes of regulatory promulgation.

Zurcher thinks Trump already knows this but might be trying to send a coded message to Twitter.

A chilling message that he has deep resources to make life very difficult for the social media platform if they form a habit of censuring his tweets before the election.

Twitter, Trump’s Critical Lifeline

Twitter is the most critical media lifeline of the President. Breitbart News and its former chairman Steve Bannon don’t seem as hot for Trump as they were in 2016.

And conservative aggregator Matt Drudge of the influential Drudge Report has been publishing lots of critical headlines about the Trump administration lately.

But one platform Trump has always felt near absolute control over is his Twitter account, his direct route to communicating with almost 100 million Americans with his own fingers.

Now, even that channel seems to be having potential road-blocks as November approaches.

So, Trump feels if he doesn’t act now to protect that lifeline, he could be effectively shut out from communicating directly with his base.

He wants to deter Twitter from thinking of banning or suspending his account, as many of his opponents have requested.

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BBC Article Calls Mike Pence’s Style ‘Pyongyang-on-the-Potomac’

In the realm of power, Pyongyang signifies absolute reference to the Supreme Leader.

But the Potomac signifies practiced and institutionally encouraged irreverence to supreme leadership.

It signifies a place where leadership must strive to triumph in spite of opposition, not in its absence.

In this article, the writer takes a look at how he feels Trump and members of his administration have handled the coronavirus outbreak in the US.

The article makes some statements on President Trump’s approach to the virus as a metaphor for today’s Washington politics…