What Is The Igbo Name Of This Igbo Food?

What is the Igbo name of this Igbo dish below? It is called yam pottage in Bekee (English).


Every year, the Igbos celebrate the New Yam Festivals in their different towns. This is called Iwaji. The ceremony is also called Iri Ji in some Igbo cultures. Same celebration but slightly different names.

Iwaji is part of Igbo culture. As Bishop Paulinus Ezeokafor has noted, any Igbo can celebrate Iwaji, irrespective of their religion. Some believe it is only Traditionalists that should celebrate Iwaji. Not so.

Every American is free to celebrate Thanksgiving. In the same way, every Igbo is free to celebrate Iwaji. You can and should celebrate Iwaji, even if you are an Igbo residing in Canada.

Send us photos of your private Iwaji celebration and we’ll publish them.

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(Video) Learn How To Cook Ofe Egusi Ocha

We present to you this video about how to cook ofe Egusi Ocha by Rave TV. Rave TV presents a programme called Erimeri Igbo, which reveals how to cook different Igbo dishes. The beginning of this video is a bot unclear, but it soon clears up and you’ll enjoy the conversational style of the show.

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