Crude Oil: Innoson Takes On Shell

Innoson Oil and Gas has won 9 crude oil blocks in Sierra Leone – a coup in a sector normally dominated by such oil giants like Shell BP. The oil blocks are based in the South, near Sierra Leone’s border with Liberia. Also read the Igbo translation: Mmanụ Ugbọ: Innoson Nke Nnewi Chọrọ Inapuzi ShellContinue reading “Crude Oil: Innoson Takes On Shell”

4 Reasons Nigeria Is Great for Business

Nigeria is a unique country. There is no other country quite like Nigeria. Here are 5 reasons why Nigeria is good for business. Nigeria has the largest concentration of people in Africa. I mean, just look at the sheer economics of it. 180 million people in one country. If you sold one thing for 180Continue reading “4 Reasons Nigeria Is Great for Business”

Are Collapsed Oil Prices About To Make Nigerians Even Poorer?

I read this analysis about what the collapse of the crude oil might mean to Nigeria. And I must tell you; it is scary. Read it because to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Coronavirus: Madagascar’s Remedy Boosts Equatorial Guinea Recovery By 44% In 5 Days (Photo)

Just the other day we got you news that Equatorial Guinea sent a minister to get Covid Organics cure from Madagascar. Equatorial Guinea is already smiling for that early step. Covid Organics herbal tea has already boosted the recovery rate in the courageous country by 44%. That is from 9 to 13 recoveries in 5Continue reading “Coronavirus: Madagascar’s Remedy Boosts Equatorial Guinea Recovery By 44% In 5 Days (Photo)”