Watch: US-Based Children Speaking Igbo Fluently

The video shows children based in the US speaking the mother-tongue very fluently. Their parents have tried. Let’s make sure Igbo language doesn’t go extinct. Watch.

Emeka: An Igbo Name For Great Achievers Coincidence Or Divine Blessing?

Emeka is the shortened form of the Igbo name Chukwuemeka. Chukwuemeka means ‘God has done well’.

I bet you have heard of the former Biafran leader IkembaChukwuemeka Ojukwu, and former Commonwealth Secretary General,Chief Emeka Anyaoku.

But there are so many other people named Emeka who are great achievers. But there are so many international achievers called Emeka, that we are beginning to wonder if the name carries blessings with it. What do you think? See over 20 of them in this Wikipedia article.


Today, we bring you some Isoko and Igbo identical animal names. And then, we’ll briefly tell you the background story behind them.

The Isoko call horse Anyenya while the Igbos call it Anyinya

The Isoko call monkey Enwe while the Igbos call it Enwe

The Isoko call elephant Eni, while the igbos call it Enyi

The Isoko call pig Esi, while the Igbos call it Ezi

These identical animal names show the deep links between the Igbo and the Isoko people. Below are 2 instances of these links.

1. The Isoko people of Igbide have part Igbo ancestry. The Igbide people originated from three main places: Awka, Mgbidi and Effurun. See the article we wrote about this.

2. The Isoko nation has the Ukwani/Ndokwa/Kwale Igbo nation as their neighbours. Over time words have certainly been borrowed by both nations.

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So, we saw this post that had several Igbo romantic descriptions of women. You need to see it. You can choose one to call your wife.

See the Igbo romantic titles for women

Numbers In Mozambican Ibo Language

The Mozambican Ibo People speak a version of Igbo language that has been influenced by centuries of interaction with Arab traders.

They are part of the Proto Bantu (Igbo who joined Central and Southern African tribes to form the Bantu civilization).

The Ibo of Mozambique are also known as Chi Mwani, Kimwani, Mwani or Kiwibo.

Today, we bring you their number system. Notice that they use ‘na’ like Nigerian and Equatorial Guinean Igbo.

For instance, 11 is Iri na otu in mainstream Igbo. It is also Kumi na moja in Mozambican Ibo.

They have such numbers like tano (5) which sounds like ano (4), and nane (8) and themanini (30) which sound like itenani (9) in mainstream Igbo language and elfu (1000) which sounds like ofu/otu (1) in mainstream Igbo language.

Here are the numbers in Mozambican Ibo:

moja (1), mbili (2), natu (3), n’né (4), tano (5)

sita (6), saba (7), nane (8), kenda (9)

kumi (10), kumi na moja (11),kumi na mbili (12)

Ishirini (20), thelathini (30), arubaini (40), hamsini (50)

sitini (60), sabini (70), themanini (80), tisini (90)

mia (100), mia mbili (200)

Elfu (1000) elfu mbili (2000)

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