Covid-19: Germany May Face 50,000 New Infections A Day Unless – Economy Minister

“If we don’t want days with 50,000 new infections, as was the case in France a few weeks ago, we must see through this and not constantly speculate about which measures can be relaxed again.”

Those were the words of Germany’s Economy Minister Peter Altmaier as he warned that the European economic giant is clearly “not out of the woods” following a worrying recent spike in Covid-19 infections.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases, the number of confirmed cases in Germany rose by 16,947 to 790,503 on Sunday.

But the constant speculation on locking down is taking its toll on many citizens as they long for the kind of normality they used to have before.

There have been fierce protests on the streets. But for Minister Altmaier and many German policy makers, longer lockdowns might be the bitter pill Germans need to swallow if their economy and society is to return to normal.

Are Collapsed Oil Prices About To Make Nigerians Even Poorer?

I read this analysis about what the collapse of the crude oil might mean to Nigeria. And I must tell you; it is scary. Read it because to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Covid-19: Sina Peller Wishes Month Of May Will Be Better Than April

Quilox Club boss, Sina Peller may be stinkingly rich, but with his entertainment empire affected by the necessary lockdown of businesses, he shares the hard times millions of Nigerians are currently facing.

Reflecting on the hard month of April that was filled with lockdowns of to reduce coronavirus, he expressed the hope that May will not be like that he wrote:

To his prayer, we can only say, ‘Amen!’

Lockdown: Buhari Planning Help For Daily Wage Workers – Osinbajo

With ‘hungervirus’ threatening to kill people like coronavirus, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has come out on video to reveal that he and Buhari are thinking of ways to help daily wage workers that are now forced to stay at home in states that have been locked down. Watch video below. (Sir, seriously consider helping people through BVN. Pay the money saved from subsidy removal into people’s accounts and share lots of impounded imported rice, e.t.c., to the hungry masses.)

While briefing journalists on his meeting with President Buhari, Prof. Osinbajo said (video loading…):

That succour needs to happen very fast. In Ogun State, people don’t sleep anymore. News reports say robbers now move in their hundreds with okada to rob and steal even food. Lockdown MUST be accompanied with adequate food supply.

Some Ogun State residents are complaining that after being robbed of their food and money, they have no more food to eat or money to buy more. And they cannot go out to work or do business because of the lockdown.

Federal Government, send down help fast!

Lockdown Versus The Economy (Photo)

I just saw this poster below about the lockdown versus the economy. It appears lockdowns save lives but affect livelihoods, while not observing lockdowns in pandemic situations does the opposite. I guess the solution is to find a balance somewhere in between.

For instance, if you lockdown, make sure the people have access to relief materials or airdrop cash into the thinnest accounts using their BVN.

Otherwise how will they pay their rent after locking down their business for so long?