Every year, the Igbos celebrate the New Yam Festivals in their different towns. This is called Iwaji. The ceremony is also called Iri Ji in some Igbo cultures. Same celebration but slightly different names. Iwaji is part of Igbo culture. As Bishop Paulinus Ezeokafor has noted, any Igbo can celebrate Iwaji, irrespective of their religion.Continue reading “IWAJI THE IGBO EQUIVALENT OF AMERICA’S THANKSGIVING”

Video: Ofalla Festival Ndi Enugu Ukwu

Ofalla Festivals are ceremonies where the Igwes of Igbo towns and their community members come together to celebrate his reign. During ofalla festivals, indigenes of the town come from all over the world to celebrate. Enugu Ukwu is a popular community in Anambra State, Igboland, South Eastern Nigeria. Enugu Ukwu literately means ‘Up A GreatContinue reading “Video: Ofalla Festival Ndi Enugu Ukwu”

I no send!: Igbo businessman caught selling bread with N7.5 million Venza

The Igbo businessman is all for building up his business empire before enjoyment. In the photo tweeted below, you can see an Igbo man selling bread with a ₦7.5 million Venza. Lol. Igbo men can fall people hand🤣😂😂 Igbo man using ₦7.5 million Toyota Venza to sell bread in Anambra state😂🤣😂😂 pic.twitter.com/j8est7ctJT — middle ChildContinue reading “I no send!: Igbo businessman caught selling bread with N7.5 million Venza”