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US Afro American Soldier Traces His Ancestry To Igboland, Takes Igbo Name

We at know that most Afro American people have Igbo ancestry. But it is always added confirmation when DNA confirms to an Afro American that their roots are in Igboland.

Of course, the matter is sometimes confusing when they trace the ancestry to various places that had Igbo slave colonies established by the slave traders to de-Igbocize Igbos before transporting them to the new world – places in today’s Angola, and Congo among others.

Join us in welcoming Mazi Akachukwu Okeke back to the Igbo family – that is his chosen name.

Special thanks to the Igbo Village in Virginia for organising events that lead to DNA testing to help our Afro American brothers retrace their Igbo roots.

Igbo Americans and US Afro Americans should support such efforts more.

More details here

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Igbos Were First To Have Written Constitution – US Congressman

In the video below a US Congressman states that the Igbos were the first to have a written constitution on earth.

Prof. Pat Acholonu has told us the Igbos were the first men. Ooni of Ife has told us Igbos were the first to find wealth. Ted Speaker Robert Neuwirth has told us the Igbo apprenticeship system is the largest business incubator in the world.

Watch the video here.