Coronavirus: Nigeria Records 52% Rise In Infections

Africa’s most populous country Nigeria, has recorded a 52% rise in coronavirus infection, Reuters has reported. Sadly, there have been 82000 recorded cases and 1,200 deaths from the virus.

We hope that in 2021 coronavirus can leave humanity alone. The stress is too much. Very often news is hit that a prominent person has died of the virus. South Africa has also recorded more than 1 million cases of infection.

New strains of the virus in both Nigeria and South Africa, 2 of Africa’s largest economies have been blamed for the spike in infections.

Video: South African Alleges Imported Coronavirus Test Kits Might Be Infected

A South African has come out on video to allege that imported coronavirus test kits might be pre-contaminated with the virus.

He is demanding an investigation, promising to apologize if proven wrong. He is also asking that test kits used to test South Africans be made in the country be South Africans. Do you think he has a point?

South African company to roll out affordable ventilators for sale to African countries

The company deliberately kept the design very basic to reduce costs and ensure that it can be made from materials and machines currently available in most African countries.

“The whole ventilator can be cut from a perspex plate … and then you basically have to add the electronic component to that and then it will work,” he says.

This will help many African countries in the fight against coronavirus.

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Mandela’s Nephew Who Is A King Arrested After Alleged ‘Axe Rampage’ – BBC News

A South African king, a nephew of the late Nelson Mandela, has been arrested after allegedly going on the rampage with an axe in the palace.

Even though South Africa is a republic, it has 8 recognised traditional kingdoms. Mandela’s nephew is the king of one of them, the Thembu. Mandela was actually a Thembu prince.

See details of the alleged royal attack in the link below:

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Appointed Into South African Presidential Council

Our own Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala has just been appointed into the South African Presidential Economic Council.

The woman is a brilliant achiever, just like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. They both keep adding international feathers to their caps, or is it wearing many caps.

The Yorubas say when a child washes his hands well they will eat with elders.

Wait o. Both of them are named Ngozi, which means blessing in Igbo language. Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?