New Zealand’s Coronavirus Outbreak Ends As Last Patient Leaves Hospital

The coronavirus outbreak in New Zealand has come to an end. This comes as the country sent home its last hospitalized patient home to recover.

For days, there have been no new infections in the country. This is different from times past when records of rising deaths and infections were rife.

I think countries should try to learn some tips from New Zealand. And we pray New Zealand continues this way and it’s good results spread round the world to defeat the common covidian enemy of mankind.

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Complaints Despite The Cheap Cost Of Madagascar’s Covid-19 Solution

There are complaints in Nigeria about the cost of Madagascar’s Covid-19 cure Covid Organics. Some have characterised the $170,000 cost as an expensive demand from Madagascar.

This is even when Nigeria spends much more in aid to other African countries.

Some people are looking for any and every reason not to give Nigerians the curative herbal tea called Covid Organics or CVO.

They also said it will not be cost effective to import the drug. What happened to removing or reducing import tariffs for the drug?

The Federal Government should reduce import tariffs for Covid Organics herbal tea, so Nigerian businessmen can import it the same way they import other herbal teas.


Sierra Leone Appoints Nigerian To Head Covid-19 Taskforce

The Sierra Leonan Government has appointed Dr Olaoluwa Adejayan as the head of its Covid-19 Taskforce.

In tandem with the appointment, his salary has been increased to $20,000 monthly.

Congrats, Sir. Do your country proud.



Health Politics

Nigeria’s Minister Of Health Bans Questions On Chinese Doctors

Online tongues are wagging after Nigeria’s minister of Health asks not to be asked questions about some Chinese doctors that came into the country some weeks ago.

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Health Politics

Coronavirus: Number Of Recorded Cases Coming Down; Abuja, Gombe Might Have The Solution- Bashir Ahmad

Presidential spokesman Bashir Ahmad has stated his findings that the number of new coronavirus cases in Nigeria seem to be coming down.

He also fingered Abuja and Gombe as being the possible answers and advised Nigerians to keep following NCDC rules.

This observation by Mr Ahmad comes at a time when Nigeria has imported Madagascar’s Covid Organics (CVO) cure.

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