South Africa Faces Electricity Crisis: No Power For Up To 6 Hours

According to the BBC, South Africa is currently facing it’s biggest electricity crisis.

A typical day… consists of waking up to no power, driving to work through congested roads because the traffic lights aren’t working, being pummelled by the din of generators at the work place, and then finding power has been cut once more when you get back home.

It’s enough to make George Landon, a resident of South Africa’s main city Johannesburg, want to leave the country.

Some Nigerians will gladly have 6 hours of blackout and 18 hours of power. But it is disturbing that power outages are affecting 2 of the largest economies in Sub Saharan Africa.

This is despite the potentials of the Congo River to power the whole of Africa and even export to Europe. This is despite the potentials of Nigerian gas to provide gas to power it’s economy. This is despite the presence of technology for cleaner coal that would have seen 19 Nigerian states exploit coal to generate electricity.

The BBC has blamed poor management and corruption for South Africa’s current electricity problem. I call on South Africa not to allow poor management and corruption to turn it into a country without power.

Power is what powers economies. When there isn’t adequate power, things start to become erratic and good talent and companies may want to leave in a hurry.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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