EndSARS: Prison Break In Benin

This video shows the moment prisoners were freed from Benin prison. Some alleged prisoners mentioned how long they’ve spent in prison as they passed the camera. Watch here.

#Endsars: Thousands Of Protesters Trekking To SARS Awkuzu To Shut It Down

A mammoth crowd of protesters are currently trekking from state capital Awka to Awkuzu to shutdown SARS Awkuzu. See Photos

Breaking: Explosion At NNPC Filling Station, Ogba (Video)

There has been an explosion at the NNPC filling station at Ogba today April 27,2020 . It is not yet known what caused the it. Reports say 6 houses have been badly affected so far. Details Later. Video loading…

There’s a fire explosion at Nnpc filling station in Ogba Lagos. 💔 I hope no one is hurtpic.twitter.com/EuQYzWo9uV

— BDM | Blogger (@Blackdotmandy) April 27, 2020

Handshakes Kill – Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump just held a short press conference to brief Americans on coronavirus. Here are 3 major points he made in the short conference which was covered by Al-Jazeera.

  1. The press has been fair in covering Trump Administration in past 24 hours
  2. Shaking of hands is not good long term because apart from spreading coronavirus it also spreads flu which kills lots of Americans every year.
  3. Trump Administration officials have been working overtime to battle coronavirus.

Mandela’s Nephew Who Is A King Arrested After Alleged ‘Axe Rampage’ – BBC News

A South African king, a nephew of the late Nelson Mandela, has been arrested after allegedly going on the rampage with an axe in the palace.

Even though South Africa is a republic, it has 8 recognised traditional kingdoms. Mandela’s nephew is the king of one of them, the Thembu. Mandela was actually a Thembu prince.

See details of the alleged royal attack in the link below: