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Nintendo: from game card manufacturing in 1889 to video games today

The article I linked to tells the story of several Japanese businesses that have lasted for centuries. For instance, the worlds oldest hotel (opened in 705 and still thriving today).

The article investigates what has made Japanese businesses last so long. I must say Japan seems to be connected to longevity. The world’s oldest person is also Japanese.

Anyway, do read the article here

Business Tips

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How Igbo Business Can Lead – Dr Okwonko

The Igbo must ensure that Igbo business leads. Igbo business leads simply by the Igbo supporting their own.

Imagine the impact an Igbo business will make if governors of the region spend part of their budget to support Igbo business which service they need.

In Germany, German politicians drive German brands. In China, Chinese politicians drive Chinese brands. In India, Indian politicians drive Indian brands.

So doing, their national brands are improved and their capacities for additional jobs and expertise are expanded.

– Igbo leader of thought, Dr Obiora Okwonkwo, speaking at the 5th Annual Umunri Colloquim

Igbodefender Comment

We find this particular piece of wisdom inspiring.

But it will also take vigorous self-regulation on the part of Igbo business to engrave a guarantee of high standards that will ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

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BP Fiduciary Duty: Fossil Fuels Versus Renewable Energy

BP, a fossil fuel exploration and exploitation company is also known to have strong commitments to fighting climate change by also investing hundreds of millions of dollars in renewable energy.

Despite these green energy investments, a growing number of activists say BP is not doing enough.