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Ensuring That Your Digital Marketing Strategy Hits All Its Targets

As you create an online presence for your business, one of the first things you must do is to find out the target publics as made clear by the dynamic digital marketing environment.

The the next step is to ensure that the available digital marketing channels are able to reach their targets effectively.

The organization should tailor its tactics to reach different demographics like those based on gender, age, geography, and income.

That way, no vital demographic is left out of the equation. It is important to remember that the online world is constantly evolving and expanding. New channels are constantly being created with different dynamics forming a ripple effect.

The organization therefore has to remain flexible and open to new ideas, and alert to new opportunities.

The organization’s digital marketing strategy must be continuously monitored and evaluated to ensure its relevance to the target audience.

Audiences might change preferences at the twinkle of an eye. So it will be important to try to discern what is becoming an established preference and what is just passing fancy.


How Igbo Business Can Lead – Dr Okwonko

The Igbo must ensure that Igbo business leads. Igbo business leads simply by the Igbo supporting their own.

Imagine the impact an Igbo business will make if governors of the region spend part of their budget to support Igbo business which service they need.

In Germany, German politicians drive German brands. In China, Chinese politicians drive Chinese brands. In India, Indian politicians drive Indian brands.

So doing, their national brands are improved and their capacities for additional jobs and expertise are expanded.

– Igbo leader of thought, Dr Obiora Okwonkwo, speaking at the 5th Annual Umunri Colloquim

Igbodefender Comment

We find this particular piece of wisdom inspiring.

But it will also take vigorous self-regulation on the part of Igbo business to engrave a guarantee of high standards that will ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

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Igbos Have Conquered The World In Sports, Business – Omoleye Sowore

“Igbos have conquered the world in terms of sports, business and professionalism.

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Below is advice I read aimed at helping honest Nigerians overcome the belief among foreigners that they shouldn’t do business with Nigerians because they’ve been told that ‘every Nigerian is a scammer’.


How You Can Turn Your Social Media Page Into A Million Dollar Business

You can turn your social media page into a multimillion dollar business.

See how they are already doing it in China.