See Mmonwu (Masquerade) Nwegodi Swagg (Video)

This video shows an Igbo mmonwu (masquerade) performance. Naija Chronicles captioned the video: This masquerades carriage as it performs some mellow dance moves is classic. Watch and enjoy.

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See another Igbo masquerade


Igbide, An Igbo-Isoko Town

Igbide is a town situated in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

Origin From Mgbidi, Awka, Effurun

While some historians have it that the Igbide people originated from Mgbidi in Anambra State, Igboland, Nigeria, some more recent writers say the Igbide people originated from Awka, also in present day Anambra state with a blend of later immigrants from Uvwie (Effurun) in Delta State .

It is very possible the Igbide people originated from all three places.

Igbo Culture

The Igbo connection of the Igbide people can be observed in the dress and costume codes of the Igbides in festivals like ABAME, and the salutation sequence and chants as well as the mercantile nature of a typical Igbide man. (Remember the Igbos have been called the World’s largest business incubator.)

Owodokpokpo, a community in Igbide clan, is widely regarded as one of the main entry points of Christianity into Isokoland.

Igbide is also an oil producing community, and it hosts Shell’s Oroni oilfield.



Igbide is an example of Igbo-Isoko cultural cooperation. It should be a source of cultural strength to both the Igbos and the Isokos.

There are many communities in the Niger Delta that have this kind of historic cooperation between Igbos and their neighbours.

Aroh, for instance, is a conglomerate of Igbos and Ibibios. Bonny and Opobo are conglomerations of Igbo and Ijaw culture. Same as Okrika, Obama, etc.

These should be a source of strength to both Igbos and neighbouring ethnic groups.

Igbo Content

I no send!: Igbo businessman caught selling bread with N7.5 million Venza

The Igbo businessman is all for building up his business empire before enjoyment. In the photo tweeted below, you can see an Igbo man selling bread with a ₦7.5 million Venza. Lol.

Over to you. Would you sell bread with a ₦ 7.5 million car when you cam afford to sell it in a ₦1.5 million car?

Business Igbo Content

What A Driver Told A Yoruba About Igbos In Towns

A Yoruba man, Paul Ademujimi has narrated what a driver told him about Igbos once when he was on a trip to Igboland.

This is not the first time I am hearing this statement. But I want to ask; Igbos, is this trues. Eziokwu ka o bu asi?

Culture News

Mbaise Marriage Lists ‘Not Expensive’ Says Nairalander, As He Provides Samples

A lot of people have come out to say that Mbaise marriage lists are very very expensive.

But the original poster of the Nairaland article in the link below defended marriage lists from Mbaise as not being as expensive as is widely portray online.

However, one person replying him said it is not the shortness of the list that people are complaining about but the costliness of the items on it.

See the debate here

So, what do you think? Are Mbasie wedding lists expensive, or are they being unfairly characterized as expensive?