New Zealand’s Coronavirus Outbreak Ends As Last Patient Leaves Hospital

The coronavirus outbreak in New Zealand has come to an end. This comes as the country sent home its last hospitalized patient home to recover. For days, there have been no new infections in the country. This is different from times past when records of rising deaths and infections were rife. I think countries shouldContinue reading “New Zealand’s Coronavirus Outbreak Ends As Last Patient Leaves Hospital”

Igbos created Nollywood -Osinbajo

“The Igbo apprenticeship system has been cited as the biggest business incubator in the world and the Southeast is the birthplace of Nollywood; our film industry which has achieved global renown on the strength of the creativity and imagination of young Nigerians.” – Vice President of Nigeria and prospective presidential candidate in the 2023 presidentialContinue reading “Igbos created Nollywood -Osinbajo”

Shock as Microsoft sacks human journalists and replaces them with ‘robot journalists’ – BBC

Microsoft has sacked 27 journalists of its MSN news site a d replaced them with robots. So, artificial intelligence now does intellectual work, not just manual work. See the inside story

The United States Congress

The United States Congress is the legislative arm of the federal government of the United States of America. It is bicameral. That is; it consists of an upper house and a lower house. The lower house is the House of Representatives. The upper house is the Senate. Read Also: The Native Igbos Of Equatorial GuineaContinue reading “The United States Congress”

The Real Donald Trump Versus Twitter

The Real Donald Trump is angry with Twitter and other social media. Will he trump this or will he falter? I was reading an analysis about President Donald Trump’s executive order targeting social media platforms. The analyst, BBC’s Anthony Zurcher believes that the executive order may not affect social media until way after the NovemberContinue reading “The Real Donald Trump Versus Twitter”