Shock as Microsoft sacks human journalists and replaces them with ‘robot journalists’ – BBC

Microsoft has sacked 27 journalists of its MSN news site a d replaced them with robots.

So, artificial intelligence now does intellectual work, not just manual work.

See the inside story

Igbo Language Video: Are You Igbo Igbotic? – By Chief Ugezu Ugezu

This BBC Igbo video is a must watch, whether you agree with Chief Ugezu or not.

BBC just published something about blockchain that I think you should see if you run a business

BBC did an in depth analysis of possible and existing uses of blockchain technology outside cryptocurrency. 

You might want to arm yourself with the knowledge the article will give you if you are a business leader. It might make your company the next innovative leader.

See the resourceful BBC article here.

IS Hits French Economy As Lille Cancels Flea Market

The French city of Lille has held an annual flea market for centuries. This flea market doubles the population every year, but the Mayor of Lille has cancelled this year’s market after the series of IS attacks which have rocked France this year.

Restaurants were counting on the market to boost sales, but with the cancellation of this year’s edition, they can’t make the kind of money they wanted to make. Many traders cant also sell their wares.

This caution by French authorities shows the psychological impact of IS attacks on Europe. Read more about this on BBC.

So Jonathan Doesnt Deserve Mo Ibrahim Prize, Really?

It is with bewilderment that we receive the news that ex-President Goodluck Jonathan did not receive the Mo Ibrahim Award, despite voluntarily handing over to the winner of the 2015 presidential elections, Muhammadu Buhari.

The criteria for winning the Mo Ibrahim Award, as he told the BBC yesterday is that the person should be, in Mo Ibrahim’s words “a leader who came to power democratically and transparently, then moved his country forward, made important key decisions which helped its people and then bowed out gracefully at the end of his or her period.” Continue reading “So Jonathan Doesnt Deserve Mo Ibrahim Prize, Really?”