Ultimate Love: Iyke And Theresa (IykeResa) Get Married

In what seems to be a grand rehearsal for their expected future wedding, Iyke and Theresa of the MultiChoice reality show Ultimate Love got married in a play this Saturday in the live pad. While the marriage is of course make belief, the import is not lost on IykeResa fans as they are known. WeContinue reading “Ultimate Love: Iyke And Theresa (IykeResa) Get Married”

Nigerian football player contracts Coronavirus

A Nigerian player based in Italy Udoh Akpan has become the first professional footballer to contract Coronavirus. Coronavirus is currently spreading worldwide and bringing economies to a halt. Last time we heard, it was an Iranian minister and even Vice President who contracted the dreaded virus. May God save humanity from this scourge. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thecable.ng/king-udoh-italian-nigerian-footballer-contracts-coronavirus/amp

Video: “The First Africans To See The White Man Land In Africa”

The Kru People of Liberia say they were never sold into slavery. They also say they were the first Africans to see the White man land in Africa. They also claim to be from the Kwa language group which also has the Igbos and other ethnic groups. Below is a mini documentary video (2.7mb) aboutContinue reading “Video: “The First Africans To See The White Man Land In Africa””

Why Nigeria Should Not Rely On ‘Africa’s Hot Weather’ To Tackle Corona Virus

That is not enough comfort. Reports have it that it has been raining in some parts of Lagos since last night, and the weather is cool. Everyone should rely on African heat on this one, but one proper hygienic standards and reasonable safety precisions.

Video: Guy fights with lion 🦁 after it bites his hand ✋

We have been told not to stretch our hands✋into a lion’s 🦁 cage when visiting a zoo. But this our friend in the video decided to do so, and the lion quickly bit his hand. As this video from Horlatv shows, he had to struggle if he will ever see his right hand again. Watch.Continue reading “Video: Guy fights with lion 🦁 after it bites his hand ✋”