Customs Would Have Exceeded Revenue By Much More Than N404bn If This Had Happened

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) said it generated N1.341 trillion as revenue for the year 2019, exceeding the target of N937 billion by N404bn .

You can just imagine how much more Customs would have gotten if other ports like Calabar Port and Port Harcourt Port are working optimally.

Anyway, see link up there for more details about the extra N404 billion. Kudos to Customs. Public officials, Nigerians must feel the positive impact of this 404 billion o.


Igbo State Anambra Gets Order To Supply N300m Rice

The story in the link below tells that Igbo state of Anambra has gotten orders worth N300 million to suplly rice. The last time we told you that the state has achieved the enviable feat of supplying vegitables to the EU.

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Igbo State Anambra Makes $5million Exporting Vegitables

Anambra, the Igbo state that has brought so many innovations to Nigeria, is setting the pace in non-oil exports of vegetables, making┬ámillions of dollars. Let me say that a lot of that export goes to the EU, which is no mean feat, given the EU’s strict regulations concerning cash crop imports.

See photos of some of the consignments here.