Igbo State Anambra Gets Order To Supply N300m Rice

The story in the link below tells that Igbo state of Anambra has gotten orders worth N300 million to suplly rice. The last time we told you that the state has achieved the enviable feat of supplying vegitables to the EU.

This is very significant even as Punch tells us this evening that  some Indian state-owned oil refiners have abandoned Nigeria’s crude and started buying from Malaysia. (Malaysia, first it was palm oil you took from us, now crude oil? take am easy na!)

Now Anambra is adding rice to the mix and the Anambra Government is planning export in the near future. Igbos are proud of the agricultural leaps Anambra has taken of recent. From the exemplary cattle ranch opened to promote commercial ranching as opposed to grazing reserves to this.

Read all about it here: Anambra gets order to supply N300m worth of rice | The Sun News

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