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Coronavirus: See Video Of The Lagos State Isolation Centre

The big tent with many beds in the video is the newly established Lagos State Isolation Centre for coronavirus. You can see how it looks by taking a virtual tour with this video.

Hope it helps improve people’s health in the days ahead. Kudos to all the health workers that are fighting Covid-19 with a sense of duty and dedication to humanity.


6 Coronavirus Patients Recover In Lagos

Lagos has not recorded any coronavirus death so far. Instead people are recovering. Good news. We pray this 100% record continues.

We also hope the partial lockdown slows down and even halts the spread of the virus in Nigeria’s economic capital.

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Victim Tells How His Family Survived Abule Ado Gas Explosion

Chief Emmanuel Ume used to own 2 duplexes, a luxury saloon and a sewing factory at Abule Ado, scene of the terrible gas explosion that wasted lives and property on Sunday. Not any more.