Video: Coronavirus: Lockdown In A Busy Lagos Market

Look at how busy this Lagos market is amidst the lockdown to fight coronavirus.

But I understand the government’s reluctance to stop these trading activities: most of the traders deal in perishable commodities and Nigeria doesn’t yet have reliable electricity supply for guaranteed storage.

At the same time, many Nigerians can’t afford to stock up adequately. So, they have to frequently go shopping to restock.

But this is slowing down the recovery effort.

When Nigeria gets out of this mess, we hope anti-poverty programs and grants to NGOs will be intensified to ensure that poverty becomes massively reduced.


Man Claims 5G Network Is Being Laid In Maryland, Lagos

The man in the video below is claiming 5G network is already being laid in Mende part of Lagos. Experts watch and tell us if this is true or another conspiracy theory.

Scientists have described allegations that 5G is harmful as ‘absolute rubbish’. But anti-5G activists allege that it is a very harmful technology.


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Coronavirus: Video: Man Allegedly Slumps In Bode Thomas, Illupeju, Lagos

The video below shows a man lying on the ground. According to an eye witness, the man suddenly slumped by the road. The witness went on to warn people against treating coronavirus lightly.

It cannot presently be independently verified if the man slumped as a result of coronavirus, or if there was another reason like drunkenness for instance.

But some people have claimed that coronavirus causes people to slump on the road. Some have even claimed that 5G can cause such.

But the Federal Government has denied introducing 5G. And even if they have, there is currently no evidence that 5G is as dangerous as some people claim.

It is up to people to observe the rules against coronavirus. It is also up to the Federal Government to prove to Nigerians that 5G is not dangerous if the want to introduce it. Anyway, watch the video:

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Coronavirus: See Video Of The Lagos State Isolation Centre

The big tent with many beds in the video is the newly established Lagos State Isolation Centre for coronavirus. You can see how it looks by taking a virtual tour with this video.

Hope it helps improve people’s health in the days ahead. Kudos to all the health workers that are fighting Covid-19 with a sense of duty and dedication to humanity.


6 Coronavirus Patients Recover In Lagos

Lagos has not recorded any coronavirus death so far. Instead people are recovering. Good news. We pray this 100% record continues.

We also hope the partial lockdown slows down and even halts the spread of the virus in Nigeria’s economic capital.

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