Things The Buhari Administration Must Do Between Now And October 1, 2017

Today, Nigeria is 56. We can look back at our history and say… we have fallen short of the mark we set gor ourselves on Oct 1, 1960. The situation we find ourselves is definitely not what our founding fathers had hoped for. But still Hope remains… as long as we have life, we must Hope. we must Hope that tomorrow, things will get better. Let us keep hope alive.

Of recent, Nigeria has slipped away from it’s position as the biggest economy in Africa. We charge our government to get us back to that spot. We also charge the government to solve the herdsmen-farmer crises in such a way that no one feels their land has been taken from him.

Commercial ranching has to introduced, so that our herdsmen can fulfill their great economic potentials. Farmers should feel safe to farm without fearing for their lives or for the wellbeing of their crops. Justice, forgiveness and understanding must prevail, so that our country can leave this painful period of disunity.

Once again, Happy Independence Day, Nigeria. It shall be well Nigeria.

Understanding Biafra In 6 Concepts

Biafra is an idea that often defies simple explaination, because it is, as one lady would say, ‘imilimious’. But since it is one of the hotest topics in Nigeria today, it is important to understand that 6 different ideologieos of Biafra can be identified. These ideologies have been grouped into 3 broad categories but can still be said to exist on their own. It is also important to note that their principles may sometimes overlap, but when looking at them broadly, they can be seen clearly. It is possible for one person to share more than one idea of what Biafra is/should be, while majoring practically in one concept.
So let’s start at the beginning.

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