Cryptocurrencies: Did Venezuela Just Hardfork Petro To Challenge Bitcoin Dominance?

Cointelegraph is reporting that Venezuela’s government might have performed a hardfork on its cryptocurrency the Petro, in order to make it more attractive to Venezuelans who massively depend on rival cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


A hardfork is a blockchain programming process that often creates a new cryptocurrency.

For instance, the Bitcoin Cash is the result of a hardfork of Bitcoin by cryptocurrency progammers.

And the Hive blockchain is the result of a hardfork of Steem by dissatisfied community members of the Steem blockchain in reaction to the takeover by Tron’s Justin Sun.

A word of warning: Their are still so many tricksters in the cryptocurrency sector. If you must invest, it is advisable to invest only money you can afford to lose.

Coronavirus: WHO Indicts Banknotes; Urges Use Of Contactless Payments

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has stated that banknotes may be helping spread coronavirus. The global health body states that the virus can live on banknotes for days.

They have therefore urged use of contactless payments. These kinds of payments include Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

The problem is that crypto adoption is not yet widespread. People may have to start taking crash courses in cryptocurrency use and the blockchain.