Quick Way To Test If You Have Coronavirus Using Your Phone!

According to medical experts, coronavirus introduces a liquid substance into the lungs that makes people that have it cough if they hold their breath for long. Mind you, people that have ordinary catarrh can also cough if they hold their breath, we are also told.

But we came accross this video below that is like a sort of ‘do-it-yourself’ test, testing if one can hold their breath for a specified period of time. You can take the breath test in the video and see if you pass. But remember: no one can hold their breath for a prolonged period of time without gasping for breath. And as we said, a congested heart can bring the same results. I guess it should better be called a lung-health-check. See the breath test in the video:

A Call Against Rape And False Accusations Of Rape

Rape is an evil that has hurt many innocent human beings. False accusations of rape is am evil that has hurt several innocent people.

These 2 evils, like other serious evils, need to stop. It is unfair to unjustly put tears in the eyes of another human being. Let evil acts reduce in this world, biko.

Music Legend Morocco Maduka Joins His Ancestors

ibidun ighodalo

Igbo music legend, Prince Morocco Maduka, has joined his ancestors after a fullfilling music career that spanned 60 years.

During his lifetime he released several songs which resonate with the Igbo people. They include Ochuba Aku, Ihe Onye G’abu K’o G’abu, and Ubanese.

May his soul rest in peace.

The Joe Biden Net Worth, What Is It?

joe biden net worth

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s father was a wealthy oil man. But Joe Biden was at a point called the ‘poorest man in Congress’. When Barack Obama chose Joe to run as his Vice Presidential candidate, it was because of his blue collar background, not his easy access to money and the connection it brings. So, what is the Joe Biden net worth today? Is he struggling to make by, or does he have a billion dollars lying around in some account?

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The Joe Biden Net Worth Question Answered

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