Warren Buffett Loses Billionaire Friend, Walter Scott

This is not a happy time for US billionaire investor Warren Buffet, as he has just lost a friend who was a fellow billionaire and philanthropist, Walter Scott. Walter Scott was a general in the fight against cancer.

This article quotes Warren Buffet as describing him as…

Scott donated to a lot of causes in the US State of Nebraska through the foundation he and his wife formed. For instance, he donated a lot to research to find a cure for cancer, that illness that has killed many. He left humanity better than he found it. He left most of his money to his foundation (after taking care of his children, of course). May his soul rest in peace.

Inspiring: The Life And Times Of The Brilliant Prince Boniface Offokaja

Judging by the attention gained world-wide by this video, the man of the moment is Prince Boniface Offokaja. Since this epic and iconic piece of history recorded in the video, Offokaja’s achievements have included:

  • Breaking the news of Biafra’s Declaration of Independence to the world
  • Working with AFP as a War Correspondent reporting from the battle front
  • His colleagues included the famous author Frederick Forsyth who was also a world-renowned activist-journalist

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  • He was in President Gowon’s statehouse media crew at the Organization Of African Unity, OAU summit in Kampala, Uganda when Gowon was toppled by President Muritala Muhammed. The attention of Nigeria and the rest of the world turned to Gowon’s statehouse media crew for news on whether Gowon would accept the power-change or refuse to recognise it…
  • Initiating University Of The Air in partnership with the Institute of Management and Technology, IMT, Enugu. Many are recorded to have become graduates using that opportunity
  • Building a television and radio station in Onitsha for the Anambra Broadcasting Service without government assistance. The station became extremely profitable; and became the headquarters of the state broadcaster the moment the new Anambra State was created
  • Interviewing great statesmen like President Nnamdi Azikiwe, and governors like Michael Okpara, Administrator Ukpabi Asika, Governor Jim Nwobodo, Military Administrator Rufai Garuba…
  • Providing an incubative platform for the political career of future Senate President Chuba Okadigbo by interviewing him severally
  • Providing incubative platform for Zebrudaya’s New Masquerade Comedy by airing the program before it’s popularity spread
  • Providing transformative professional training geared towards making all staff of ABS – from driver to manager to gardener to secretary capable of running the station if need be
  • Providing 13th month salary for ABS staff…

And many other achievements too numerous to mention… Let us continue to celebrate this great man, so that future leaders may gain inspiration from him. A treasure to any nation. He may no longer be with us now, but to watch what he was like, click any of the video links above.

Chief Tony Okorji Pays Tribute To ‘Oga’m’ Prince Boniface Offokaja

Veteran broadcaster, Chief Tony Okorji, (KSJI), Obijideaku II of Oraukwu, has paid tribute to his mentor, the late Prince Boniface Offokaja, former Director Director and Sole Administartor of Broadcasting of the Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS. In a moving tribute we obtained Chief Okorji wrote:

“Ogam had always been A GREAT SPIRIT, A pioneer of a sort.
Way back in 1957 he placed NIGERIA/Africa on a very high pedestal with his wealth of knowledge grounded in Horizontal Education.

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“Ogam never believed in just The Status Quo. That was how as the Director-General Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), he REVOLUTIONIZED the broadcast Industry.

“He had this carriage cum persona that drew some compulsive respect and admiration from “within and without” the Corporation.

“ABC was not just for News & Current Affairs and Entertainment. His Administrative Sagacity pioneered the emergence of the UNIAIR Program, a Super Arrangement with the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu. Very many people got the Diploma of the IMT through the ABC UNIAIR. Historic!!!

“Ogam, Boniface Offokaja left his foot prints in the DUNES of time. It was not by chance that he attained great heights. One outstanding and Unique privilege Boniface Offokaja had in the early Seventies, was to have interviewed the Great Zik, The First President of Nigeria and Owelle of Onitsha, Chief The Honorable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. In that interview, he drew out the Best of Zik. And till this day that interview remains “Unbeatable.”

“Ndi Igbo n’ekwu si: OKUKO G’ABU OKE, N’EBIDO N’EJU.

“Permit me to proffer a title to the above 1957 video/debate:

Music Legend Morocco Maduka Joins His Ancestors

ibidun ighodalo

Igbo music legend, Prince Morocco Maduka, has joined his ancestors after a fullfilling music career that spanned 60 years.

During his lifetime he released several songs which resonate with the Igbo people. They include Ochuba Aku, Ihe Onye G’abu K’o G’abu, and Ubanese.

May his soul rest in peace.