Music Legend Morocco Maduka Joins His Ancestors

Igbo music legend, Prince Morocco Maduka, has joined his ancestors after a fullfilling music career that spanned 60 years.

During his lifetime he released several songs which resonate with the Igbo people. They include Ochuba Aku, Ihe Onye G’abu K’o G’abu, and Ubanese.

May his soul rest in peace.

Chadwick Boseman Lives On Through The Wakanda Idea

We woke up to the news that Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman has succumbed to cancer.

But I daresay that he lives on through the Wakanda idea that he helped pass to us. By playing his role in the Black Panther, he shined a light of a better Africa that we Africans must all embrace.

From Rwanda to Nigeria, we must nuture the Wakanda confidence that our Africa can be a better place…

We must ride on in the spirit of the Black Panther- the indomitable Black spirit. Wakanda will never succumb to cancer, but will overcome cancer.

I hate this illness called cancer. I hope the world can find a cure to it sooner than later. We should be able to learn how to tame a cell that starts behaving unnaturally in the human body. So many have gone because of cancer.

It’s time to put up a huge fight against cancer by funding even more anti-cancer research.

Chadwick Boseman, your fight is over, but your legacy lives on. Rest in peace, Sir.

Robert Trump, The Quiet Brother Of President Donald Trump Dies Aged 71

President Trump’s junior brother, Robert Trump has died. He was aged 71. Robert Trump had spent the last few days in intensive care unit of a hospital. But his family declined to state the cause of death.

May his soul rest in peace.

See more about the life of the other Trump here.


Sad story. Prominent businesswoman Barrister Diekolola Osa Avielele is dead. She died of complications due to childbirth, but the baby is doing fine.

May her soul rest in peace. God help us o. God please receive her soul.


John Lewis, one of the big 6 partners of Martin Luther King who joined him to organise the 1963 civil rights march on Washington is dead. He died from complications arising from pancreatic cancer.

US leaders have continued to pour in tribute to Mr Lewis, who-together with others-inspired the movement with his courage.