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Ndidi Nwosu, Gold Medalist At Rio 2016 Paralymics Is Dead

“Ndidi sustained an injury from the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. She was a heavyweight powerlifter.

“She had been off and on in the hospital and that was why she couldn’t take part in this last World Cup.

Ndidi Nwosu, a rare gem is gone! The Federal Government of Nigeria should have done more to take care of this lady after she got injured on national duty.

It appears as of Ndidi’s life went downhill after her surgery. In the link below, Queen Uboh, former President of the Nigeria Powerlifting Federation spoke of sending Ndidi money at some point for her to start petty trading. But Ndidi had to use the money for medicines to treat her injured spinal column instead.

This is a sad end. I hope the Federal Government starts being more caring to our athletes.

That is how they left Rashidi Yekini who scored Nigeria’s first ever soccer World Cup goal to rot to death. Why?


Prolific Author Arthur Nwankwo Dies At 78

Author of The Making of a Nation: Biafra -1969, Dr Arthur Agwuncha Nwankwo is dead.

Nwankwo was also a former Vice Chairman of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), the group that doggedly fought for the restoration of MKO Abiola’s June 12 mandate.

He was aged 78. He died at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), after an illness.

Mazi Nwanko was the founder of the famous Forth Dimension Printing Press.

He was also the founder and chancellor of the Eastern Mandate Union (EMU) organisation, which platform he used to campaign of the people of the former Eastern Region.

He strongly advocated the Handshake Across the Niger between the South West and the East.

Below are some of his literary works:

  • The Igbo leadership and the future of Nigeria- 1985.
  • The Making of a Nation: Biafra -1969
  • Nigeria: The Stolen Billions – 1999
  • Nigeria: The Challenge of Biafra- 1972
  • Nigeria: The Political Transition and the Future of Democracy- 1993
  • The Igbo nation and the Nigerian state- 1999

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