The Joe Biden Net Worth, What Is It?

joe biden net worth

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s father was a wealthy oil man. But Joe Biden was at a point called the ‘poorest man in Congress’. When Barack Obama chose Joe to run as his Vice Presidential candidate, it was because of his blue collar background, not his easy access to money and the connection it brings. So, what is the Joe Biden net worth today? Is he struggling to make by, or does he have a billion dollars lying around in some account?

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The Joe Biden Net Worth Question Answered

Joe Biden’s net worth is $9 million, according to a Forbes Magazine calculation in 2019.

According to Forbes, Joe and his wife Jill Biden own 2 homes in Delaware that are worth $4 million. The Forbes figures also note a federal pension of $2 million. Also noted are cash and investments worth $4 million.

This Timeless Question By Joe Biden Can Help You Plan Your Net Worth

A story from Forbes shows that Joe Biden has always been concerned with the philosophical question: what importance should be given to net worth?

He is reported to have asked his dorm mates while still in school, “You guys could be guaranteed—upon graduation—a job at the DuPont company, with a nice starting salary and a job for life, but you would never make more than $40,000 a year (some $340,000 today). Or you could take a job at half the salary, no guarantees, but there would be no limit to the money you could make. Which would you take?”

Now, that is some timely question that is still relevant to many today as it was then.

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