Osu Caste Discrimination: Internet Erupts As So-Called ‘Outcast’ Is Made King In Imo Community

Nationalhelm reports that a man said to be “outcast” popularly known as ‘Osu’ in Igbo land, was recently crowned king of Obinwanne, Umuaka, in Njaba LGA of Imo State, sparking fierce debate on the internet.

The people of  the town threw caste discrimination aside and coronated Bar. Justine Uzoma Ezeala, as Ezenwanne 1, of their town.

Barr. Ezeala’s part of town has for centuries been ‘banned’ from enjoying many basic human rights. They had been treated like subhumans not humans.

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But Ezeala’s people saw him befitting and credible to rule over them hence, they choose him to be their king.

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Popular Nairalander MANNABBQGRILLS fires ballistic missile against Osu Caste discrimination

Igbo traditional rulers have recently intensified efforts to rid Igbo Land of the so called Osu Caste discrimination. 

It is in this atmosphere that a popular Nairalander named MANNABBQGRILLS took to social media to deliver a missile hit on the obnoxious system. Read what he wrote below that is generating reactions on the internet.

For those of us that have forever been wondering, what OSU OUTCAST means, here you have it…..

The Osu caste system, which is prevalent in Anambra, Imo and some areas in Ebonyi states, discriminates against families which in the ancient times were dedicated to the local deities because human sacrifice was required to cleanse the land of abominations. The Osu were mostly slaves and other categories of persons considered as “inferior”, as opposed to those who were “freeborn” or “Nwadiala”. As outcasts, they were discriminated against and not accepted by the mainstream of society.

In spite of efforts by clerics, political leaders and social crusaders to consign this system to the dustbin of history it is still being stubbornly observed in many communities. In 1956, the Eastern Nigerian House of Assembly had passed a law abolishing it, but it was not implemented.

There is no reason for this caste system to remain in these modern times. Slavery was abolished long ago, and no human sacrifice is going on anywhere in Nigeria except as a criminal offence linked to some dark cults. The constitution of Nigeria declares every person free and equal before the law. All Nigerians are constitutionally entitled to fundamental human rights, which include the right to freedom from discrimination and the dignity of the human person.

To end the Osu and similar inhuman caste systems wherever they are being practiced in Nigeria requires a combination of cultural reforms, law enforcement and active sensitisation. Serious legal actions need to be taken against any form of discrimination and dehumanisation.

We call on traditional authorities and churches in Igboland to prevail on every community still practising the Osu caste system to abolish it.

SAY NO TO OSU CASTE SYSTEM and let us all live as brothers and sisters in peace.
Thank you!

Umueri Ovala Festival 2018 In Pictures

Umueri recently held its 2018 Ovals Festival. Those present include their Igwe and their most famous son, Governor Willie Obiano, the Executive Governor of Anambra State.

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Umueri Kwenu!

Sad: Ken Saro Wiwa’s daughter, author Noo Saro Wiwa opens up on why she wants nothing more to do with Nigeria

Noo Saro Wiwa, the daughter of Ogoni matyre and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, has opened up about why she has avoided Nigeria, her father’s country.

The younger Saro Wiwa was recently named among the top 30 most influential women travelers in the world in 2018.

She was named alongside such figures as American actress Angelina Jolie, late US journalist Marie Colvin, and Jordan’s Queen Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

The survey was published by the international magazine Conde Nast Traveler.

Noo Saro Wiwa grew up in Surrey, United Kingdom. She describes Surrey as a bountiful paradise, far removed from the ‘heat and chaos of Nigeria.’

Her book Looking for Transwonderland: Travels in Nigeria, has been described as a brave first foray into travel literature. 

Noo had spent childhood summers in Port-Harcourt on the Niger Delta but after this, she didn’t return for 10 years (except for his funeral and burial), wanting nothing more to do with the country.

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Noo’s feelings about Nigeria is a warming to those in power and those aspiring to power to fix Nigeria. 

What kind of country are we building when some citizens feel so unwelcome that they just stay away on self-imposed exile, even during peacetime?

People are being threatened to hand over their ancestral lands at pain of death. Where is justice? Where is fair play?  

Ogoni cleanup, how far about it?

What kind of country do we have where injustice has led to internally displaced people? Where youths are not given jobs or are underemployed, making our youth vulnerable to manipulation to engage in organized violence against the citizenry?

We need to fix our country. And the time starts now!

2019: Don’t allow people intimidate you again – Omotola

“I urge Nigerians not to allow people to intimidate them again. They shouldn’t vote for people because they feel they will win.

Instead, vote for someone you believe in even though the person will get only two votes. We cannot continue to choose the lesser evil; we have to desist from that.”

Star actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde in a chat with Sunday Scoop as reported here.

In other words, despite the recession if you think the Government of the day still has value to give Nigeria, vote for its reelection and vice versa.

Omotola’s call is a call on Nigerians to exercise more critical thinking in their choice of votes.

Omotola also made it clear she doesn’t have s problem with a woman ruling Nigeria.