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Popular Nairalander MANNABBQGRILLS fires ballistic missile against Osu Caste discrimination

Igbo traditional rulers have recently intensified efforts to rid Igbo Land of the so called Osu Caste discrimination. 

It is in this atmosphere that a popular Nairalander named MANNABBQGRILLS took to social media to deliver a missile hit on the obnoxious system. Read what he wrote below that is generating reactions on the internet.

For those of us that have forever been wondering, what OSU OUTCAST means, here you have it…..

The Osu caste system, which is prevalent in Anambra, Imo and some areas in Ebonyi states, discriminates against families which in the ancient times were dedicated to the local deities because human sacrifice was required to cleanse the land of abominations. The Osu were mostly slaves and other categories of persons considered as “inferior”, as opposed to those who were “freeborn” or “Nwadiala”. As outcasts, they were discriminated against and not accepted by the mainstream of society.

In spite of efforts by clerics, political leaders and social crusaders to consign this system to the dustbin of history it is still being stubbornly observed in many communities. In 1956, the Eastern Nigerian House of Assembly had passed a law abolishing it, but it was not implemented.

There is no reason for this caste system to remain in these modern times. Slavery was abolished long ago, and no human sacrifice is going on anywhere in Nigeria except as a criminal offence linked to some dark cults. The constitution of Nigeria declares every person free and equal before the law. All Nigerians are constitutionally entitled to fundamental human rights, which include the right to freedom from discrimination and the dignity of the human person.

To end the Osu and similar inhuman caste systems wherever they are being practiced in Nigeria requires a combination of cultural reforms, law enforcement and active sensitisation. Serious legal actions need to be taken against any form of discrimination and dehumanisation.

We call on traditional authorities and churches in Igboland to prevail on every community still practising the Osu caste system to abolish it.

SAY NO TO OSU CASTE SYSTEM and let us all live as brothers and sisters in peace.
Thank you!

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What Nairalander Told Governor Fayose. Do You Agree?

Hi folks. We came across a comment (look below) by Nairalander  kgr8mike about Governor Ayo Fayose’s politics. The comment was made on a thread about Governor Fayose’s  meeting with the Ooni of Ife, on Nairaland, Africa’s biggest online forum.

kgr8mike said the following to the Ekiti state politician that cannot easily be ignored, (whether you like or hate him):

“Dear Gov Fayose,

Please you seem to be the only opposition that this government cares about what he says. Kindly continue even if you have to get it wrong somewhere. We don’t mind.

“You are the voice of the voiceless in high places. Kindly continue to puncture this government.

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10 Similarities Between The Community And A Real Country

Nairaland is not just a website with a hosting package that displays news. It is a community with a lot of activities that make it resemble a real country. Let’s look at a few similarities between the Nairaland community and real life countries.

1. It Has An Economy: Every day, people come to buy and sell on Nairaland, ad some have turned Nairaland into a venue for their virtual office and are smiling home to the bank. Go and ask those that buy and sell cars in the Auto Section. In fact, I make it bold to say that Seun, with all his ads may not be the richest Nairalander, as millions are made everyday by some dons in the Auto Section, some of whose businesses have expanded outside Nairaland.

Think it’s a myth? It’s is real. I once bought a car from Nairaland.

2. Nairaland Community Has An NGO: Yes, the Nairaland community has its own NGO that has semi-official status. The NGO is called the E Helpers Network, and over the years, they have helped many less privileged Nigerians.